12 Apr

In my haste to get on with my story I only touched on the thoughts that started this blog (the effects of the feminist movement on women).  This has been written about a number of times and in many forums, but it’s from my point of view from having lived through those years.

The feminist movement was a really good thing with some collateral damage.  By this time we should all know what good came out of this movement so I won’t dwell on that aspect.  But lets talk about what damage it did at the same time, in my opinion.

It robbed women of the right to be feminine and express it.  It demoralized and devalued stay at home moms and homemakers.  Conflict was felt by women who in their heart of hearts loved feeling protected and in service to that special person in their life.  Those who part of their sexuality was the need to be submissive.  Submission allowed them to revel in their femininity.  It was an expression of their love.

Traditional women became embarrassed that they enjoyed old-fashioned crafts, they liked whipping up a cake and took pride in maintaining a clean and loving home.  They put on makeup and had going out clothes as opposed to jeans and sweatshirts.  (At the same time this was going on we also had hippies, flower children, Woodstock, hard hats, Viet Nam, Kent State, race riots, the subway strike, the murder of John Kennedy, the garbage strike, the east coast black out etc. etc.)  What a tumultuous period of our history.

The pendulum had swung too far.  Men were feeling threatened by these empowered women and traditional females were being attacked.  Everyone was at odds.  Hardhats (blue collar conservatives.  Heart and Soul of America at that time) and Pacifists (those who protested the war, liberals and academics) were at each other’s throats.    This timeline is a little jumbled right here, but it all went on in a ten or so year period.

I believe the eventual result after all the dust had settled was a better America and a more reasonable and civil society.

Men began to realized that when women became a more equal contributor to American life (we are not all the way there as yet) much burden was lifted from their shoulders. 

Feminist, for the most part, acknowledged how difficult it was to be a mom and homemaker, (much easier to get up in the morning, put on makeup, go to work, and actually get paid for your efforts then to remain home and be in charge of the future of our country).

Now, have we come full circle?  I don’t believe so.  Some things will never return to as it was and that is such a good thing.  Hopefully, we will keep what we have changed that was for the better.  Better not just for women (our sisters, daughter’s and granddaughters) but for all the men and boys as well.  What we should have learned by now  is both sexes are strong, smart and powerful and what is different about each of us is what makes us wonderful.  Not one is better than the other because you embrace a different lifestyle and all lifesyles are necessary.

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