Reincarnation Now or Later

17 Aug

Today was interesting in that two people, well-known to me, but total strangers to each other, brought up the subjects of reincarnation and metaphysics.  Subjects which I am very interested in, have read about, and studied for many years.  Granted, those many years, were many years ago.  I still have a passionate interest in these studies.

It seems that most of us have experienced deja vu* at some time in our life.  Many people try to explain it away.  Explanations usually are framed as, “You’ve been there before, you just don’t remember it.”  ” All houses built around that period have rooms laid out the same way, that’s how you knew to turn right instead of left into the kitchen.”  Yes, there are all kinds of reasonable; well thought out arguments, that discount a deja vu experience.

What about when you know exactly what someone is going to say before they have an opportunity to utter a sound?  Some disbelievers might submit, “you know the person well and it’s easy to anticipate his reaction.”  I imagine we could find a rational explanation for every case cited in favor of reincarnation. Either one believes or they don’t.

Admittedly, when  someone has knowledge of something they couldn’t possible know, as in the cases of Bridey Murphy,

 ( In 1952, Colorado businessman and amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein put housewife Virginia Tighe of Pueblo, Colorado, in a trance that sparked off startling revelations about Tighe’s alleged past life as a 19th century Irishwoman and her rebirth in the United States 59 years later. Bernstein used a technique called hypnotic regression, during which the subject is gradually taken back to childhood. He then attempted to take Virginia one step further, before birth, and suddenly was astonished to find he was listening to Bridey Murphy,who seemed to be a women of another world that Virginia had described of.

Her tale began in 1806, when Bridey was eight years old and living in a house in Cork. She was the daughter of Duncan Murphy, a barrister, and his wife Kathleen. At the age of 17 she married lawyer Sean Brian McCarthy and moved to Belfast.  Bridey told of a fall that caused her death and of watching her own funeral, describing her tombstone and the state of being in life after death. It was, she recalled, a feeling of neither pain nor happiness. Somehow, she was reborn in America, although   was not clear how this event happened. Virginia Tighe herself was born in the Midwest in 1923, had never been to Ireland, and did not speak with even the slightest hint of an Irish accent.)

 or the young Indian boy, documented by Stephen Wagner,

  • A six-year-old boy named Taranjit Singh from the village of Alluna Miana, India, claimed since he was two that he had been a person named Satnam Singh. This other boy had lived in the village of Chakkchela, Taranjit insisted, and even knew Satnam’s father’s name. He had been killed while riding his bike home from school. An investigation verified the many details Taranjit knew of his previous life as Satnam. But the clincher was that their handwriting — a trait experts know is as distinct as fingerprints — was virtually identical.

it would be much harder to pooh poo reincarnation, or laugh off the evidence. 

So having been reminded of my own studies on the subject, later in the afternoon, while staring up into the endless blue sky, I began to think about whether it was necessary for one to be dead to be reincarnated. In fact, wasnt this about my fourth incarnation during this one lifetime, with more yet to come, I hope.

Each time we reinvent ourselves aren’t we ourselves clothe in a different persona?  Why must we wait to change the things we want to alter about our selves and our lives?  Every twenty years or so, we become different people.  Hopefully, we hang onto our core beliefs, but perhaps some of our thoughts, traits and opinions no longer fit as well.

Perhaps we are smart enough to learn from life’s lessons and begin anew.  We find ourselves born again to travel a new path.  Often, those, that peopled our old reality, are with us on this new path, but we relate in a new way to them.  After a surprisingly short time, its been my experience, they will behave toward us in a different way.

Perhaps, if you are not content in your present life, its time for a reincarnation .  Begin slowly making some changes, and enjoy the journey.

*French.  From deja, “already”, + vu, “seen”  —  A feeling of having previously experienced something, especially when that is not the case.  Have I done this before?

Something which one has or suspects to have seen, or experienced before.

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