I really gotta go, but I really wanna stay!

03 Sep

Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac, and it is my birth sign.  I love to travel, but unlike the real estate adage, location, location, location, I usually don’t care where I am going, as long as I am going.  An upscale hotel, in the heart of Manhattan, or that proverbial seaside shack on a deserted  Beach.  I have enjoyed visiting the same island thirty different times, or some place new, for a one and only.  If I am there, it is my temporary home.  I stress temporary because about the two-week mark, away from New York, and my home, I begin to get antsy.  I miss the edge, the voices, the caustic wit, the sense of humor, and the uncensored conversations.

I tire of having nothing that I need to do.  I begin yearning for contact with family and friends, even when it’s just in passing.  I want all my stuff around me.  Not just vacation stuff, but my stuff.  My bed, my couch, my PC and of course my own TV.  One would not think that lying on a pure white, sugar soft, sand beach, gazing out onto gently rolling waves of  crystal like, aqua marine, sea, can become boring.  You would be hard pressed to convince anyone that dining   in fabulous, restaurants, for a couple of weeks straight, would lead to wishing for a home-made grilled cheese sandwich, as only I can make.  But I promise you, for me,  it happens.

I am sure you wonder, if I miss home so much, why I leave it in the first place.  It’s a fair question, and once again I submit to you – I love to travel.  I love hotel rooms, tiny shops and olympic size pools.  I really enjoy a truck stop motel that never closes their small outdoor pool.  You can see people taking a dip all hours of the day or night.  I want to hear different accents, and go into someone else’s local supermarket to see what is common on their shelves.  Perhaps buy an exotic spice to bring home.   And I want no responsibility for anything.  I can only achieve this when I am not home.  I never call when I am away.  Don’t bring my laptop, and rarely look at my phone for fear someone will text me with some unwanted news that can surely wait until I once again man my Mott Street post.

The moment the last suitcase is closed,  the front door of my permanent nest locked, and checked for the fourth time, I am on vacation.  I don’t need to arrive at a destination to be in relax mode.  Footloose is the shedding of years, even for a day or two.   My traveling companions, usually my Jim, know the deal.  We are going away, and its for both to enjoy that time.  If one of the travelers wishes to stay in the room watching movies, and the other wants to go exploring, Vaya Con Dios.  It’s a wonderful thing!

We don’t take many pictures.  No longer do we buy many souvenirs.  Of course I get some unique things to wear that really only look great at the locale where they are purchased.  Some how floral, floor, length, kaftan,  just don’t make it during a December on Long Island.  I think it’s the Ughs you must wear in order to keep warm, at that time of the year.

So this Sagittarian will continue traveling far and near for as long as she can.  I will love every moment of these trips for up to two weeks at a time.  After that, get out of my way.  I really gotta go.

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