My Crowning Glory

13 Sep

Like many woman I have spent a lifetime of actively doing everything possible to damage my hair in an effort to straighten out the natural curls, lighten the dark auburn shade, heighten the crown. Its been ironed, teased, crimped, proxided, dyed, rinsed and lemoned.  For years it was blown with gale force, high temperature, dryers.   I’ve shampooed without conditioning for volume, and conditioned without shampooing to give it shine.  It has been washed clean,  and even before it is dry, I submit it to oils, volumizers, pomade, hair spray, shine, glitter (for special occasions), and at times, sprays of different colors.

One time, when my children were young, I took advantage of the hours they were gone to elementary school, and went to a beauty salon.  Once there, I had all the natural reddish tone stripped out and my tresses frosted silver over a brown base.  When the kids sauntered in from their school day, two out of three cried.  They thought I had been struck with some disease that aged me over night.  Needless to say,  it went back to the color they were accustomed to as quickly as possible.  It didn’t take too long, because no matter what I do the curls and frizz return quickly,  and the red pigments fight their way back to the light.

Now, so many years later, you would think I had learned my lesson and would stay within the color range that has served me well for so many years.  The colors that have become my own, and that are easy for me to keep.  I have given up on trying to defrizz, never mind straighten.  The frizz and curls are part of my personality.  However, as is the case for many, I get bored with the color or colors that my hair chooses to be.  There is always that doubt that worms its way into our thoughts.  Is it too bright for my age, too uneven in color?  Should I try to tone it down, make it a bit conservative?   Well I have discovered the answer to all that ==== NO.

I foolishly bent to those nasty voices that whispered in my head about age, being conservative, etc.  Why in hell I did that I will never know.  It had to be boredom.

Recently, someone visited my house.  Her hair was a beautiful shade of light brown.  It lit up her face; took years off her appearance.  A classy, classic, conservative, color, coif.  Never mind that her skin tone is peachy fair, and her thick short hair suits her personality, and lifestyle.  I was enchanted by the shade.  I had to try it.  I pestered her for the brand and color. She kindly obliged, calling me two days later with the information.  I ran out and bought it.

Oh my God, I looked like I stuck my head in a bucket of chocolate-brown paint.  My hair looked like a frizzy, brown, dust mop ontop my head with no life to the shade.  I am dark complected, now I had a sallow look about me.  What could I do?  I called Clairol.  Nope can’t redye it for four to six weeks.  Did I want my hair to fall out?  So I did the only thing I could do beside hibernating for four to six weeks.  I washed it with shampoo immediately.  Then washed and rinsed it every twelve hours for three days.

Well it happened.  That trusted, brassy, red-gold shade started peeking through.  Thanks to those auburn genes I’m almost me again.  My crowning glory has returned.

BTW during all this trial and tribulation no one even noticed that I had dyed my hair brown.


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One response to “My Crowning Glory


    September 13, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    I enjoyed your post. I agree — You look terrific.


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