Post Season – Another Rain Postponement – Ferdy & Camille

01 Oct

Having mentioned, many times, how much I love watching baseball, particularly the New York Yankees, I won’t go into my love affair with the team.   But today was the first day of the Post Season.  The day when all the stats of one hundred and sixty-two games get thrown out, and the much abbreviated season begins.

The Yankees were scheduled this evening to play the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium.  Eight-thirty was start time.  Although my favorite announcers were not calling the game, it was going to be called by FOX announcers, I was still pumped up for the game.

A friend had called in early afternoon wanting to come over for a visit.  I nicely, but firmly, informed him to arrive about five as the baseball game was beginning at eight pm or so.  He understood perfectly.  I wanted no distractions.  He came, we chit chatted, and like the gentleman he could be, left before I started checking my clock.

Eight-thirty arrives, CC is on the mound, we get two outs in the bottom of the second, the score is tied at one – one, and the skies continually torture the players, first with light rain, down pour, then easing up for a bit.  Now its raining the torrents of hell.  Noah didn’t see any more rain than this in his first hours on the ark.  After about an hour and fifteen minute rain delay, Joe Torre made the dreaded decision to postpone the game.  They would resume the next day.

During this wait, prior to the decision having been reached,  I remembered that a very long time ago, during a rain delay, they would entertain viewers with old Charlie Chan movies, (probably politically incorrect today), or Laurel and Hardy flicks, (some really funny stuff, and if you don’t know who Laurel and Hardy are you probably won’t get what this specific blog is about), or Abbot and Costello classics,  (not the tv shows but their full length movies that ran just over an hour.)

One of my all time favorites was, ‘Hold That Ghost‘, (1941, several years before I was born).  Joining Bud and Lou in this very funny movie was an incredible comedian by the name of Joan Davis, and straight man, Richard Carlson, (who later went on to play the lead in a television hit, ‘I led three lives’.

I won’t give you a blow-by-blow of the entire movie, but a piece of the funniest scene that would have me laughing my brains out, every time I saw it. 

A party of individuals are all in an old mansion searching for stashed away money.  Without a doubt the mansion is haunted.  At some point Ferdy (Lou Costello) and Camille (Joan Davis) are told to wait for the others, who are searching the house.  They are seated at a table in a vast room where candles keep moving around without being touched, and only seen by Ferdy.

Emphasizing how eerie the house was, the scene set up is a dark stormy night, with loud claps of thunder,  making the two, Ferdy and Camille, shiver with fright.   Since it was an old mansion, the roof leaked.   Due to the leak, a huge puddle formed in the middle of the room.  Ferdy and Camille have a slight attraction to one another.  Somehow they are standing facing each other on either side of this puddle.  He says something she finds cute.  Camille bends her tall, lean, body, at the waist, playfully sprinkling up drops of water, to land on Ferdy.

You can surely see by the expression on his face, he doesn’t quite know how to take this.  As round as he is tall, Camille topping Ferdy by several inches, he bounds down to splash his lady-love with a handful of water.  I’m not going to give you a transcript of the action, however, their playful expressions of love turns into a full-fledged water fight, in the house, fueled by a big water puddle.  It is soooooo funny.

So, rather than bore their audience with re-runs of good baseball plays that we have seen about one hundred times, now that it is the end of the 2011 season,  let’s have some classic, fun, films, that never grow old. 

On second thought,  nevermind, I’ll just play them in my head, and tell you about them.

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    October 1, 2011 at 6:52 am

    Nice one Mistress


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