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18 Nov

Women's panties or knickers

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At one time certain undergarments were called unmentionables.  This was after the era when people didn’t wear undergarments at all.  A lady would just have to lift her skirts to perform some necessary and at times not so necessary, but perhaps pleasurable functions.

Then came the time of pantaloons, bloomers, panties and all types of lingerie.  They all had their place in subsequent eras.  Some were functional.  Many seductive and alluring.  I’ve had my ups and downs with underwear, :).    There were also nylon pettipants.  They were pretty and usually the legs edged in lace.  The pettipants legs ended just above the knee, and you didn’t need a slip when wearing them.  They were fairly short-lived in popularity although truly sexy.  Another seductive look that few people got to see were the slinky boxer short underwear that women wore in the late 40s.  They make a come back now and then.

My mother and grandmother always called the underwear that covered one’s butt, bloomers.  This even after the age when they were traditionally called panties.  I have conflicting thoughts about this.  Panties is a much nicer sounding word than bloomers.  It invokes visions of Victoria Secret‘s models, rather than the likes of Suffragettes.  Now of the two the Suffragettes brought women up out of the dark ages, fought for women’s rights and won us the right to vote.  The VS models tend to objectify us.  But ask most women who they would rather be compared to.  Well you know the answer.

I remember an incident when I was about fourteen years old.  It was a time when it was quite common for people to have conversations from a third floor window to the street below.  My BFF, Susan, and I were going to Macy’s 34th street for a little shopping.  In 1960, Macy’s was still the kind of store where even poor people could shop on occasion.  I was waiting in front of Susan’s building for her to show up when her mom, Carrie, called down to ask what I was going to buy at Macy’s.   My mother had giving me $10.00 and I was sent to purchase her underwear.  You could get 4 pairs for $10.00.  Totally uninhibited I yelled up, BLOOMERS.   Carrie thought this was quite funny, and told me to have a good time.  You see Carrie was second or third generation Italian/American.  They called them panties as opposed to the first generation American, who still called them bloomers.

I find the use of the word panties is oft-times incongruous.  Are they still panties when they are a size eight, nine or ten and made out of sturdy cotton that go all the way from covering your belly button to the square cut across the thighs?  I call those briefs or utility underwear.  Why utility underwear?  Because they stay up no matter what activity you’re engaged in. You wear them when you are doing heavy house work, wall painting, or landscaping.

Panties are often silky or lacy.  French cut leg, which means they are cut high up on the thigh.  They also sit on your hips below the belly button, and always make you feel sexy.  Then there are thongs.  We women wear thongs, not because they are comfortable, there is very little material to a $14.00 pair of thongs, and how can a 1/2 inch wide string going up the crack of your butt be comfortable?  We hate them.  We wear thongs because men like them on us.  Go figure!

An entirely different category includes undershirts, camisole`, bras, braselettes etc.  These can also be added under the lingerie umbrella.  But that will have to wait for a whole nother blog.  Its evening and I’m changing from bloomers to panties.


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3 responses to “Bloomers, Panties, Lingerie


    November 18, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Nice article

  2. MsSopia

    November 19, 2011 at 1:59 am

    Thank you for following.

  3. Ann Shari

    November 20, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Thanks for the smile!
    In my family utility underwear are known as gotkes (got-kiss) a Yiddish word meaning long johns; warm winter underwear. But the word gotkes has become synonomous for all non-sexy underwear.


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