These Boots are Made for Walking!

30 Nov

The season for the wearing of boots is upon us.  They are being featured in every shoe store, department store, and leather boutique.  Boots can be practical, warm, frivolous, necessary, sturdy, ridiculous or unique.  Heights vary from ankle, mid-calf, knee-length, over the knee, and mid-thigh.

You can wade in streams with those hip boots made of rubber or climb mountains when wearing hiking boots.  Some appeared to have tire rubber for soles, while others are of the softest suede.  Whether ridged or slick soled bottoms they are all called boots.  People on construction sites wear work books usually with steel toes to protect their tooties.  You can’t really dance in those.

I’ve seen children and sometimes their Mom’s in colorful, floral, cartoon designed, rain boots, sometimes called galoshes (a very old-fashioned word).  When I was a little kid galoshes were always red and always refered to as galoshes.  They were never high fashion as the designer, rubber boots are today.  In those days, you wore your galoshes over your shoes and were always admonished to take them off as soon as you got to school, or you would get sick to your stomach, run a fever.  The belief was that you were attacked by these maladies because your feet couldn’t breath.  I don’t know if there is any basis to this warning, but I wouldn’t want to take the chance of throwing up in front of my friends.  The whole concept of feet breathing is pretty weird.

My relationship with boots is truly a Love/Hate one.  They are such a pain in the neck as well as the pocketbook every time you venture out to buy a pair.  Perhaps I am just not sure what size to buy, or the purpose intended for the boots.  Maybe it’s that I want one pair to suit all my needs.

Do I want them to protect me from the elements?  Would they look just right with my black leather skirt?  Should they be tailored or slouch, leather, nylon or suede?  Black, brown or Grey?  What is it that I want?

Sure everyone wants hot looking, stiletto heeled, knee-high, boots.  Ones that lace up and fit your leg closely.  Is that what I buy?  NOT.  I did have a pair a long time ago. They were great looking, and I strutted my stuff, but no further than chair to chair.  Forget about standing around looking cool, I needed a wall to lean against when I wore those darn boots.

Another thing to consider when buying boots, they never fit your calves correctly.  Don’t we have enough sizes to worry about without having to consider the size of our calves, geesh?  So now its the shoe size, length, width,  and also the circumference of your chubby calves.

Ok I won’t go back in history.  I won’t tell you about all the money I have spent on all kinds of boots that barely got worn, or how even the most sensible of tall boots did not zip closed when I got them home.  (By the way I do shop online for boots.  Big Mistake).  My newest acquisition, a pair of knee-high/over the knee, black suede, slouch boots, are so wide I can fit two legs in each boot.  Never the less I will wear them happily.  They are flat soled, soft suede, warm and come on and off easily.  These boots are made for walking!!

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One response to “These Boots are Made for Walking!

  1. James

    November 30, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    Where is the picture of you and your boots


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