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Year’s End

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It’s just after midnight on the twenty-ninth of December and I’ve been wondering what my final post of 2011 should be about.

I could do my year in review.  I’ve had four really scary health episodes all involving my immediate family, but rather than lament that potential horror, and what could have been, I want to Thank God and rejoice in our blessings.  They, all four of those loved ones, were taken care of, and if not yet back to living their lives as they should, are on the road to full recovery.  I can rest my head easily on the Heaven Sent pillow tonight.

There has also been much pleasure in my life this year.  I’ve successfully completed a mission I began two years ago.  It’s now in the hands of others who will do well. The love of writing and expressing who I am is being fulfilled as often as I wish by my discovery of WordPress and the act of blogging.  Health has improved.  My children are all in loving relationships, and I have the most beautiful, smart and talented grandchildren in the world.  That is not an exaggeration. 

I am continuously in touch with great people, in person, by phone, or on the internet.  Our lives are completed by terrific close friends who I learn from, and who in turn learn from me.  My husband and I continue to make each other laugh everyday (This is Priceless).  He and I have enough love between us that we can share it with others, and that very act continues to enhance our lives. Going to Atlantic City is often on my calendar. (Waiting for the big hit that will surely come some day.)

A multitude of post subjects are swirling through my mind.  What should I write about?  The ideas seem to want to jump from my brain, to my keyboard tapping fingers, only to appear on this screen.  But no. I will save them for 2012.

To All My Friends, Fans, Loved Ones – I wish you all a Grand and Happy New Year, Overflowing with Love, Life, Health and  Good Fortune.  When I raise my glass to toast the New Year, I will be embracing all of you.************


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Chit Chatting Away

It has been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of verbal stimulation.  In other words, world-class chat.  That’s the brand of chit-chat where you are not responsible to carry the conversation, nor are you required to make decisions, give direction, or search for the answer.  You engage in it because its opening a window to your mind, permitting a gust of fresh air.  It’s not your everyday, run of the mill, cliché riddled, conversation, that is necessary to your daily routine.

Chit chatting is fast becoming a lost talent among stress driven Americans.  It is the waning art of someone holding your interest, while relating a story, or expressing their point of view.  Chatting requires that you hone your ability to listen to the person speaking to you, and take the time to digest this new information while formulating your, hopefully, appropriate response. That response should be clear, concise and possibly, interesting as well.  Although it may also be unexpected, off the cuff, with a hint of a ramble.  A smattering of wit helps to make any chat “Class A”.

Chatting does not require a PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad, Cell Phone or a Television.  In fact, no electronics at all.  You can’t really do it alone unless you have forgotten your meds.  In order to chit-chat properly you must have at least one other person near by.  They must be close enough that you need not shout for them to hear you.  Sitting face to face really makes it classic, although it is not necessary for a quality chat.

I was at a party the other night with a group of individuals who had perfected the art of chat and pleasant repartee.  Ok, I’ll admit it, I was in heaven.  No one was engaging in one ups man ship.  When they spoke they weren’t trying to convince anyone near, or close by, how smart they were.  It wasn’t to impress you with who they knew.  The party goers did not turn every remark into an innuendo, or seek to create double entendres in an effort to appear witty. (I find that really annoying)  There was no sparring.  No one was looking for advice.  It was just the passing of a few hours among a host of people who were happy to be where they were, to help a friend celebrate their event.

These guests were well read, but not dry or pompous.  What a relief, no pretension within the group.  They came from different backgrounds, and all have traveled different paths getting to this point in time.  If someone from the outside had peered in a window I am sure they would have wondered what such a diverse looking bunch were doing together.  Of course, there is a common interest in the group that initially caused them to find one another, but it wasn’t the source of what made the evening so great.

What made it so fun for me was the intensely, stimulating Chit Chat.  I came away from the party so happy that I went.  It has kept me smiling and thinking for days.  Thank you to the Hosts for inviting me to this uplifting event.  It was an adult evening.

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To Be or Not to Be ……..

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This time of the year, with all its hustle bustle, stress overload, money woes and pressure to make decisions, we often ignore the purpose and joy of the season.

Whether your mission is to create the Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza, atmosphere in your home, or to prepare to spend it with family and friends elsewhere, stay the course.   It is supposed to be enjoyable, not a chore.  Shake yourself and look around you.  Smile at people.  Bend to pick up that one thing that has been dropped by someone whose arms are overloaded.  It’s not that hard and the benefits for you both are many fold.

Like everyone else, I sometime forget the intent of these holidays.  Too often I make it about the decorating, shopping, and cooking.  Wearing myself into a frazzle to find the just right gift, balancing the ballerinas on the tree and baking myself into a stupor.  Do I really need all those extra calories?

This year I started early, it was the best thing I ever did.  The tree is up, twinkling in the living room, performing its job admirably.  Its sheltering the wrapped presents piled beneath it.  When I take the time to sit in this room,to do nothing but admire this reminder of Holidays past and present, it makes me smile. I am warm and cozy whether I’ve raised the temperature on the thermostat or not.

Memories of loved ones who have passed on fill me with sweet nostalgia.  Thoughts of carrying a Christmas tree with my mother up to the sixth floor apartment, my father sitting at the table set for the holidays, my sister excited over her patty play pal doll, and grandma, in her house dress, stirring the Christmas gravy.  Of course I wish they were with me, here and now, but such was not to be.  The belief that I will see them again, that I continue to observe some of the favored traditions, and have made some new ones of my own, embraces me casting a glow around the room.

At times I rummage through my closet for gently used clothing, household goods that are in good condition, but no longer used, or I purchase just one more toy for a child I don’t know.  This reinforces the spirit of the season.  The few hours to gather the bounty for those less fortunate are as important as the gifts and shopping for those closest to you.  Time spent doing these things don’t add to your stress.  Rather it keeps you in mind of what the season is all about, lifts your feet from the ground and carries you through the holiday cacophony.

So many people are unhappy around the holidays.  You can choose to be one of them or you can go to a Holiday Party.  Get in touch with someone you haven’t seen in a long time, even to just chat on the phone.  You can visit with family or have a toast with friends.  You can include someone in your celebrations that might not have anyone else, or donate a can of peas to a food pantry.  Maybe you can say to that tired sales clerk in the store, Happy Holidays, when they hand you your purchases. 

Happiness is cyclical.  It grows and abounds when you share it.  You can be or not be – its your choice.

Happy Holidays, my friends.  Light the Menorah, Lay out the Nativity Set, Celebrate the African-American Cultural experience of Kwanzaa, or enjoy anyway you choose.  It’s All Good!

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What do I Want for Christmas?

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With the Holidays rapidly approaching several people ask me, “What do you want for Christmas?”    This list of the most common things is long.  New blouses, skirts, slacks, pull on pants, dresses, a new pastel bathrobe.  Then there are shoes, slippers and of course boots.  Remember those boots that have to fit just right?  Oh and don’t forget a good bottle of booze.  Don’t worry I share if there is enough.

That’s the list of the run of the mill items.  Then there is the not so apparent, and a little more costly or time-consuming.  A new desk chair, a lap top, big gold earrings, a paint job for my office, new window treatments, my favorite perfume.  It seems to be running low. 

All of the above can be found on the Christmas/Chanukkah list of almost every adult in middle class America.  Except those Americans that are hoping for the things that are essential to survive.  Those individuals are wanting food, heat, a job, a roof over their heads, and the money to pay bills.

In some Christmas’ past I have been lucky enough to find the things I wished for under my tree.  It was fun to open each gift and maybe slip on the new sweater or try on a crazy hat.  When the kids were young everyone always got new underwear.  It was tradition to pull them over your head and wear them in such a way until all the gifts were opened.

Honestly, it is much more fun, instead of opening your own gifts, rather to watch someone open the gift you purchased for them.  That fog free bathroom mirror/radio combo, or a special jar of pickles, even a neti pot.  One year I was so enthused wrapping presents that I accidentally wrapped hubby’s newly arrived diabetes test kit, and left his real gift in a shopping bag.  Boy was he surprised, but we had the best laugh when we figured out what I had done.  Handing out the gifts that you were sure was going to make someone you cared about so happy, that was more fun than stomping around in the new boots I received.

So this year, what do I want for Christmas?  I had to think long and hard about this.  The common requests roll off my tongue, but what I really want……………….

I want my loved ones to be happy and healthy.  I want the peace and joy you can only have when your bills are paid and you have a little extra money to indulge in life’s material pleasures.  I want an impossible insurance that no one I know or love will ever be hurt, physically or mentally, by age or accident.

I want to be surrounded by good friends to have a relaxed, comfortable laugh together.  And yet I want the time to curl up on the couch during a winter storm, expecting and getting, a loved one to cover me with a blanket.  I want the talent and ability to write and have my words be valuable to some.  I want to feel good.

I want this and I want more.  What I want for Christmas is everything I stated above, and I want it for you too!  Happy Holidays.

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