What do I Want for Christmas?

08 Dec

Christmas gifts.

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With the Holidays rapidly approaching several people ask me, “What do you want for Christmas?”    This list of the most common things is long.  New blouses, skirts, slacks, pull on pants, dresses, a new pastel bathrobe.  Then there are shoes, slippers and of course boots.  Remember those boots that have to fit just right?  Oh and don’t forget a good bottle of booze.  Don’t worry I share if there is enough.

That’s the list of the run of the mill items.  Then there is the not so apparent, and a little more costly or time-consuming.  A new desk chair, a lap top, big gold earrings, a paint job for my office, new window treatments, my favorite perfume.  It seems to be running low. 

All of the above can be found on the Christmas/Chanukkah list of almost every adult in middle class America.  Except those Americans that are hoping for the things that are essential to survive.  Those individuals are wanting food, heat, a job, a roof over their heads, and the money to pay bills.

In some Christmas’ past I have been lucky enough to find the things I wished for under my tree.  It was fun to open each gift and maybe slip on the new sweater or try on a crazy hat.  When the kids were young everyone always got new underwear.  It was tradition to pull them over your head and wear them in such a way until all the gifts were opened.

Honestly, it is much more fun, instead of opening your own gifts, rather to watch someone open the gift you purchased for them.  That fog free bathroom mirror/radio combo, or a special jar of pickles, even a neti pot.  One year I was so enthused wrapping presents that I accidentally wrapped hubby’s newly arrived diabetes test kit, and left his real gift in a shopping bag.  Boy was he surprised, but we had the best laugh when we figured out what I had done.  Handing out the gifts that you were sure was going to make someone you cared about so happy, that was more fun than stomping around in the new boots I received.

So this year, what do I want for Christmas?  I had to think long and hard about this.  The common requests roll off my tongue, but what I really want……………….

I want my loved ones to be happy and healthy.  I want the peace and joy you can only have when your bills are paid and you have a little extra money to indulge in life’s material pleasures.  I want an impossible insurance that no one I know or love will ever be hurt, physically or mentally, by age or accident.

I want to be surrounded by good friends to have a relaxed, comfortable laugh together.  And yet I want the time to curl up on the couch during a winter storm, expecting and getting, a loved one to cover me with a blanket.  I want the talent and ability to write and have my words be valuable to some.  I want to feel good.

I want this and I want more.  What I want for Christmas is everything I stated above, and I want it for you too!  Happy Holidays.

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