Chit Chatting Away

20 Dec

It has been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of verbal stimulation.  In other words, world-class chat.  That’s the brand of chit-chat where you are not responsible to carry the conversation, nor are you required to make decisions, give direction, or search for the answer.  You engage in it because its opening a window to your mind, permitting a gust of fresh air.  It’s not your everyday, run of the mill, cliché riddled, conversation, that is necessary to your daily routine.

Chit chatting is fast becoming a lost talent among stress driven Americans.  It is the waning art of someone holding your interest, while relating a story, or expressing their point of view.  Chatting requires that you hone your ability to listen to the person speaking to you, and take the time to digest this new information while formulating your, hopefully, appropriate response. That response should be clear, concise and possibly, interesting as well.  Although it may also be unexpected, off the cuff, with a hint of a ramble.  A smattering of wit helps to make any chat “Class A”.

Chatting does not require a PC, Mac, Laptop, iPad, Cell Phone or a Television.  In fact, no electronics at all.  You can’t really do it alone unless you have forgotten your meds.  In order to chit-chat properly you must have at least one other person near by.  They must be close enough that you need not shout for them to hear you.  Sitting face to face really makes it classic, although it is not necessary for a quality chat.

I was at a party the other night with a group of individuals who had perfected the art of chat and pleasant repartee.  Ok, I’ll admit it, I was in heaven.  No one was engaging in one ups man ship.  When they spoke they weren’t trying to convince anyone near, or close by, how smart they were.  It wasn’t to impress you with who they knew.  The party goers did not turn every remark into an innuendo, or seek to create double entendres in an effort to appear witty. (I find that really annoying)  There was no sparring.  No one was looking for advice.  It was just the passing of a few hours among a host of people who were happy to be where they were, to help a friend celebrate their event.

These guests were well read, but not dry or pompous.  What a relief, no pretension within the group.  They came from different backgrounds, and all have traveled different paths getting to this point in time.  If someone from the outside had peered in a window I am sure they would have wondered what such a diverse looking bunch were doing together.  Of course, there is a common interest in the group that initially caused them to find one another, but it wasn’t the source of what made the evening so great.

What made it so fun for me was the intensely, stimulating Chit Chat.  I came away from the party so happy that I went.  It has kept me smiling and thinking for days.  Thank you to the Hosts for inviting me to this uplifting event.  It was an adult evening.

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One response to “Chit Chatting Away

  1. Rachel

    December 20, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    Why work at trying to appear witty when you *are* witty ;)? I agree, I’ll take intelligent adult conversation every time.



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