Robert, Ma Bell and Me III

25 Feb

cont.                       Robert, Ma Bell and Me               Part III


     It was two weeks until Robert called again.  Early afternoon and I was alone.

“I’ve missed you.”

When I heard his voice the anger I felt at his standing me up returned.  Of course, I only got angry after the danger of his calling while my husband was at home had passed.

“If you missed me, why didn’t you call the other night when you said you were going to?”  I made certain to keep my tone cool as though it didn’t really matter.  I was seething.  Who did he think he was?  I was the one being courted.

“Were you really waiting for me?”  He was dubious.

Snickering so he could hear me, “Sure I was.  All decked out in a sexy red nightgown.”  Let him stew.

“I wanted to call, but I ran into problems.  Can you talk?”  He fell into his seduction whisper. “Let’s make love, now.  I can make you feel real good.”

I didn’t doubt it, but it was the middle of the day.  We would be interrupted at any time by someone’s arrival.  If I was going to go through with this, it wasn’t going to be piece meal.

“Not now.  Can you call me tonight?”

“What time?”

“Eleven-thirty, Robert.”

“I will.  Are we making it a date?”

“Sure its a date.”  I actually giggled remembering what it felt like to be a girl thrilled about a date.

“Talk to you later.  I love you,”  he said.


      I could call it Spring fever except it wasn’t Spring time.  You have to be at least forty to have a mid-life crisis and even with my poor math skills I deduced that crisis was still about five years in the future.  When I stopped to think about it, my only excuse was madness, or I had genuinely been seduced.  Robert must be a master at the art of seduction, or else it doesn’t take much to lure a woman who is married for seventeen year or more.  At that point, I didn’t give a damn.  I had a date and I wasn’t cheating on my husband.

Didn’t someone once write a book, The Zipless something or another.  I can’t quite remember what was zipless, but it was a fantasy.  Robert was my living fantasy.  A fantasy that each of us was fulfilling for the other.

After my husband left for work, I shaved my legs, tweezed my eyebrows and luxuriated in a silky oil bath.  I powered, preened and perfumed.  Styled my hair, brushing it up and away from my face so that it was wildly casual.  Three quarters of an hour was spent applying make-up.  I hadn’t taken that much time with my face since my tenth year high school reunion.  Tonight was special.

Slipping into the black negligee I had recently purchased at a sex-a-wear party, I inspected myself in the full length mirror.  Who was this glamorous woman smiling back at me?  She was beautiful.


I slinked over to the bedroom phone.


Kicked off my high-heeled mules and stretched out on the bed.


Licked my lips with the tip of my tongue and lifted the receiver.

“Hello,”  I purred.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Yes, Robert.  Let’s become lovers.”

“I love you,”  he began.

The End or The Beginning.

                                                                                              All rights reserved


If you enjoyed this rare flight into fiction, please let me know.  I will try to bring you something every now and then.   MsSopia

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