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Where do I go wrong?

Day 140 - AA

Day 140 - AA (Photo credit: uLight.Me)

Grrrrrr, I hate when I get a sudden idea.  This happens to me often.  Sometimes its fun to be impulsive, but sometimes it wrenches you off track.  If you are anything at all like me, you wake up in the morning, or some time that is not quite afternoon, and before you get out of bed you have a plan for the day.  I try to lay out these plans in order of importance.  Get the taxes done, think about going on a diet, do the wash, solve the world problems, who will be the next President of the United States, what I’ll have for dinner,  and what should be done with the leaders of Syria and Iran (two mad men).  The daily laundry list of every woman in America.

Then I put my feet on the floor and it all goes awry.  Today I decided after breakfast I would set up the laundry, start the dishwasher and perhaps write a bit before I got on to anything else.  Like everyone in this busy world of ours most minutes in the day are accounted for.  Well all was fine until I went into the downstairs bathroom to collect the towels to be washed.

On one of the bathroom counters rests two decorative dolls that I purchased a few years ago after hitting on the slot machines in Atlantic City.  Every time my gaze falls on these lovelies they make me smile and calm me.  I’m often moving through the day in a whirl wind state.  As always they did their job, made me smile and calmed me.  Then it hit.  A sudden idea.  I would write about these dolls on my blog.  How would I describe them to capture their essence?  It wouldn’t be easy.  The word doll didn’t do them justice.  They are pieces of art.  I know!  I’ll take a picture of them and post it along with my blog.

Upstairs to get my new camera, that was gifted to me almost a year ago. It was only used about three times since I’ve owned it.  You wouldn’t say that I was much of a picture taker.  After turning on, it didn’t take a second to realize the battery was dead.  Of course.  Ok, where was the battery charger.  The newer cameras don’t take double A batteries of which I have about 80,  (The humongous Costco Battery Pack).  It has one of those slim, slide in, easier to use, kind.  Again, where was the battery charger.

I looked through at least four boxes of camera to computer wires, a dozen or so different size electronic transformers,  cell phone chargers, iPad wire connections etc. etc., no GE camera battery charger.  Pulled out the drawers, more wires, chargers and connections.  More transformers of items long ago gone to the outdated computer heaven.  No GE camera battery charger.  Where could it be?

I pulled out the suitcases in the guest room, threw them on the bed and ran my hand through every pocket.  All the current suitcases have at least nine different pockets and storage units. Perhaps I left the charger in one of them when returning from the last trip we took.  Nope, No GE battery charger.

During this search the dryer had buzzed two separate times.  Each time I ran downstairs, pulled the clothes out, transferred the wet wash into it, folded the dry wash, and ran back upstairs to continue the hunt.  The calming effect of the dolls was long gone, replaced by a flushed face and wild-eyed woman on a mission.  I was obsessed.

It was no use, the charger was probably in the retired suitcase in the shed.  I would just have to go there to continue my hunt and search   Downstairs I went once again, folded another load of clothes before heading out.  It was chilly, I pulled on my sweatshirt.  Just then I felt a key in the pocket.  The key belonged to the basement door.  I knew this because it was labeled otherwise I would have been distracted by an additional mystery.  We always keep the basement keys in the corner cabinet and I thought it best to put it where it belonged before misplacing yet another thing.  When I opened the cabinet to hang the key, there was the GE battery charger.  It stood there mocking me, black and shiny and mocking!  What the hell was it doing in there?  This is where the keys belong.

Relieved, because my next stop, after the shed, was radio shack to buy a new charger, I snatched the charger out of its hiding place and ran it (wait let me correct that) trudged it upstairs.  It is now in the socket, with the little battery nestled in the holder, being charged.

Oh, I am now too exhausted to take a picture of my pretty dolls.  That blog will just have to wait for another day.


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Back to The Future

Olivetti FDU System

Olivetti FDU System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When computers first swept the nation, when virtually every home had at the very least a Commodore64, and when we spoke in Dos or Lotus, everyone in the modern world was enamored with the age of technology.

With my second home computer came the most innovative operating system, “Windows“.  It changed who was able to use a computer.  You no longer needed to be a computer wiz.  The ordinary individual was now privy to the “World Wide Web.”   Before windows you needed to type in an address in your computer’s language to get where you wanted to go.  Playing Tetris on that fifteen inch screen was a feat.  For me, the over sized putty colored box  was little better than a word processor with muscle.  However, light years ahead of my Olivetti typewriter, used with white out for errors and carbon paper for a duplicate.  Still, I was in love with these advances, and trapped.

Jump ahead a few years and social networking, in the form of Aol chat rooms, consumed all our spare time, and then some.  Hobbies that once filled up our leisure, crafts, game night, television, music, visiting and chit chatting over coffee, went by the wayside.  There was no longer the time to sit with the friend who lived across the street and exchange ideas or listen to their problems.  We were busy making new friends who lived across the country or down South.  They were different, they were new.  It didn’t matter that you had to redial fifty times to find an open internet line.  Wow was that frustrating.

One of the past times I had engaged in before buying a computer was reading a book for pleasure, be it fiction or non fiction.  I spent hours devouring books.  All kinds of genres.  But now, there was not another moment in the day when I could make the time to do this thing which I had so loved.  From the moment, as a very young girl, I chose and picked up my first novel, “Little Women“, reading became a passion of mine. Now I had totally dispensed with the medium that excited and polished me. I had abandoned reading for enjoyment to engage in sometimes nonsense conversations with people I had nothing in common with and would never meet.  But I was on the computer.

Like all things in life which burn too hot, the chat room frenzy eventually burned out.  Other things took its place.  We discovered that the internet was not all about time-wasting, but rather one of the greatest educational tools ever invented.  All the information you could ever want was right there at your finger tips.  Computers became smaller, cheaper, faster, more advanced.  Nursery school children could get into and run a program.  It was no longer Weebils but Webkins that enchanted them.  They could move the mouse around and get their cow to walk in and out of virtual barns.  How wonderful!

And then it happened again.  An invention, a stride in technology.  The Kindle, the Nook, the iPad.  You could download and read news, magazines, fact or fiction on a portable tablet of some kind.  It was easy to use, your books were less expensive than hard covers or paper backs.  This new technology pulled me back to my first love, Books.  I resisted at first, but having done it once, I was hooked.

Look around you, everyone is reading.  The new past time is once again the gate way to knowledge, adventure and romance.  It is the source of hours of intelligent conversations and exchanging of ideas.  Will wonders never cease?  I know some people who actually meet face to face, and over a cup of coffee discuss what they had read. 

My passion for technology and books are now intertwined and formed its own DNA.

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The Unexpected Joys of Craig’s List

Various kinds of plastic shopping bags.

Image via Wikipedia

I have always been an advocate of recycling. Not just the household trash, paper, metal, glass, but recycling on a larger scale. I try to remember to bring plastic shopping bags to the supermarket, and I reuse all those little clear store bags for all kinds of imaginable things. Paper bags are cut up and put in the fridge at the bottom of vegetable bins to absorb moisture. Everything I come across must have at least two jobs in them before getting thrown away.

Discarding useful items, even though I no longer have use for them, fills me with unreasonable guilt. I have assuaged all my agonizing over doing away with clothing while it’s still in good condition – No stains, tears, holes, pulls or paint on them – by first washing and then placing the once loved items into bags destined for those less fortunate. I always have a bag at the ready to collect the unwanted articles of clothing as soon as I lay my hands on it in my over stuffed closet or dresser drawers.

Every donation bag makes its way to one organization or another. About once a month Big brothers/big sisters, Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army, Vietnam Vets, or some similar organization is the beneficiary of these treasurers. If you can’t find the time to bring it to a drop off spot some of the groups will be so kind as to pick up. Since the clothing that I’m ready to part with is always in good condition I try to make certain it will be given or resold as clothing and not used for rag weight.

Other than donating clothing and some household items, I’ve begun my own cottage industry, selling things on Craig’s List. From my used furniture to reconditioned and decorative odd tables. Some of the most popular items are dog cages. I love doing this! I love the barter and meeting the buyers who are always so happy to get such a bargain. I price to go.

Now understand, it’s not for the vast sums of money that could be made, but rather for the pure joy of it. The redoing and painting quenches the artist in me. Seeking out the loot satisfies the junk collector that I could so easily become. The tree hugger I sometimes fancy myself to be, and the mini merchant also get a nod. Who doesn’t like to make a few extra bucks?

Having stripped my home of all the things I no longer wanted I had become desperate for things to sell on the list. That’s when it happened, I became an official garbage procurer. With a discerning eye I scan people’s trash. Once you’ve put it to the curb it’s fair game for me to pick up. At this point in time I even have my friends and family hunting for me. Yep I’ve turned them into hunters and gatherers, only it’s not for food.

I am fairly particular of what I drag home. The criteria stem from how much work must be put into the item before it goes up for sale on Craig’s List. Once in a while I bring home the proverbial white elephant, but never fear, I can always make a lawn ornament out of it!

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The Real Secret of Victoria

Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield Sa...

Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009 (Photo credit: Steve Rhodes)

Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, all the great opportunities for the men in our lives to venture out to their favorite lingerie shop in order to purchase that oh so perfect gift for the love of their life.  Their girlfriend, their wife, the mother of their children, the grandmother to their grandchildren, sometimes for only one of these women.  Often blushing, sometimes bold, but always with a happy heart they venture out for a solitary shopping expedition.  They are being a dutiful partner and wish to make their lady happy.

Our men will know the item they seek as soon as they see it. It can be sheer, lacy, sheer, low-cut, sheer, high cut, or just sheer.  A corset, a nightie, a teddy, or panty and bra set.  Some styles that they view make a valiant attempt at the impression of elegance, but admittedly, most are really trashy.  They are adorned with feathers, ruffles, glitter, leather or vinyl.  Slits and garters, in black, red, purple or the occasional hot pink make up the majority of colors.  When worn by real women the thongs slide too far up your butt, and the strip of material passing for a bra barely covers your ta tas causing them to pop out over the top.  If that’s all you are wearing it isn’t too much of a problem, however if you slip on a pull over shirt it looks like you could nurse four pups.

I remember a movie (9 to 5) where Melanie Griffith was trying on a short, sheer, teddy with hanging garters and looking at herself in the mirror.  She turns this way and that, appraising the effect. I believe it was a Valentine’s Day gift from her boyfriend.  While still looking in the mirror she says, and I paraphrase, “Frankie, do you think sometime you could get me something that I could wear outside?”  Exactly.  We all know this teddy is going to disappear into the draw with the other forty pounds of similar come hither undies.

Now I will tell you the real secret of stores like Fredericks of Hollywood and Victoria Secrets.  These are not women’s stores, these are men’s stores.  When a man ventures into these dens of fantasy he becomes the proverbial kid in a candy shop, rummaging through counters of artfully placed undergarments.  He chooses carefully those size extra small unmentionables for his beautiful size fourteen wife.

I can’t imagine what our guys can be thinking when that adorable sales girl holds up a gauzy teddy in front of her tiny body and hypnotizes the man convincing him that his lady at home would just die for such a piece of apparel.  Then the sales person will fold the bit of gauze into a tiny pink shopping bag, held closed with a classy black satin ribbon. 

Seriously,I don’t want an iron or a vacuum for a Valentine present.  In fact I would be totally devastated by such a gift, as I am sure a lot of my sisters would be.  A pair of sexy panties is lovely and reminds us just how our men feel about us and the way we look to them.  But, Frankie, do you think sometime you could get me something I could wear outside?

Note:  Originally I stated that it was Geena Davis starring in the movie 9 to 5 only to later realize that it was Melanie Griffith. I have corrected this error and my apologies to Ms. Griffith.


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