The Unexpected Joys of Craig’s List

13 Mar

Various kinds of plastic shopping bags.

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I have always been an advocate of recycling. Not just the household trash, paper, metal, glass, but recycling on a larger scale. I try to remember to bring plastic shopping bags to the supermarket, and I reuse all those little clear store bags for all kinds of imaginable things. Paper bags are cut up and put in the fridge at the bottom of vegetable bins to absorb moisture. Everything I come across must have at least two jobs in them before getting thrown away.

Discarding useful items, even though I no longer have use for them, fills me with unreasonable guilt. I have assuaged all my agonizing over doing away with clothing while it’s still in good condition – No stains, tears, holes, pulls or paint on them – by first washing and then placing the once loved items into bags destined for those less fortunate. I always have a bag at the ready to collect the unwanted articles of clothing as soon as I lay my hands on it in my over stuffed closet or dresser drawers.

Every donation bag makes its way to one organization or another. About once a month Big brothers/big sisters, Goodwill, Savers, Salvation Army, Vietnam Vets, or some similar organization is the beneficiary of these treasurers. If you can’t find the time to bring it to a drop off spot some of the groups will be so kind as to pick up. Since the clothing that I’m ready to part with is always in good condition I try to make certain it will be given or resold as clothing and not used for rag weight.

Other than donating clothing and some household items, I’ve begun my own cottage industry, selling things on Craig’s List. From my used furniture to reconditioned and decorative odd tables. Some of the most popular items are dog cages. I love doing this! I love the barter and meeting the buyers who are always so happy to get such a bargain. I price to go.

Now understand, it’s not for the vast sums of money that could be made, but rather for the pure joy of it. The redoing and painting quenches the artist in me. Seeking out the loot satisfies the junk collector that I could so easily become. The tree hugger I sometimes fancy myself to be, and the mini merchant also get a nod. Who doesn’t like to make a few extra bucks?

Having stripped my home of all the things I no longer wanted I had become desperate for things to sell on the list. That’s when it happened, I became an official garbage procurer. With a discerning eye I scan people’s trash. Once you’ve put it to the curb it’s fair game for me to pick up. At this point in time I even have my friends and family hunting for me. Yep I’ve turned them into hunters and gatherers, only it’s not for food.

I am fairly particular of what I drag home. The criteria stem from how much work must be put into the item before it goes up for sale on Craig’s List. Once in a while I bring home the proverbial white elephant, but never fear, I can always make a lawn ornament out of it!

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