What Bathing Suit and Why

17 Jun

Woman's one-piece bathing suit, c.1920

Woman’s one-piece bathing suit, c.1920 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     Its well into that time of the year when I must decide on a bathing suit.  I don’t know about you, but for me one suit certainly doesn’t do it for all occasions.  I own at least ten.

     My favorite is always a two piece with as little material as I can get away with.  Unfortunately, I no longer have a real two piece bathing suit body, nor would it be considered appropriate for me to wear one at certain private or public beaches, or at hotel pool sides.  Unless it was an adults only space.

     There are a couple of pros to wearing a two piece and then many more cons.  In case you are unaware of them I’ll tell you.  When you don a two piece you don’t have to fight it on.  The top and bottom are slipped into as easily as underwear, even when you are wet.  You don’t have to powered yourself even if you are sweaty.

     Time to go to the ladies room?  No problem.  Again its as easy as pie.  No struggling out of the straps to roll sodden wet stretchy material down your body, pulling and pinching your skin.  All the while squeezing your legs together because you really gotta go.  Or doing the straddle to pull aside the crotch material so you don’t pee on it.  Nope a two piece bottom removes as easy as panties.  Slide down, step out.  If the cleanliness of the floor permits.

    Another asset of the non attached bathing suit, more skin is exposed to the sun.  More tan for the hours spent lying on that longue chair.  When you climb out of the pool you tend to dry faster so that you can go into the house and make a nice cool rum punch. Which is another plus.  Darn, its true I can’t think of a single con.

    Ok, so you say if its your favorite why don’t you just buy two pieces.  Therein lies the problem, I fear the time has past, in public at least.  Someone, somewhere, dictated that beyond a certain age or certain weight, women must be tormented by being made to wear a one piece bathing suit.  The pinching, pulling kind that never dry, even after you take them off.  If you are packing to fly home,after a trip, you often have to wrap the suit in a plastic bag because it’s still wet!

     Sometimes this modest swim wear has a skirt which ends just short of your knees.  Its only about a year or two since I wore dresses shorter than that!!  Who designed these things?  And how dare you call them cute little suits. Not all of them are cute little suits.  Although, granted, I have seen a few that were really pretty.

     So my solution, a tankini.  A two piece that covers everything everyone else has dictated that women of my age must cover.  The bottom has a skirt but I will only wear the skirt in very public, public, or when with my grandchildren.  Even then, I intend to hem this skirt.  Other than that I have an abbreviated bottom that I can jump into.  If truth be told, in my own back yard, I’m wearing those daring, small, two pieces of yesteryear.

     If you come by to visit, be sure to knock on the fence gate before popping in.

French woman's bathing suit, 1898

French woman’s bathing suit, 1898 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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