Having a Heat Wave!

22 Jun

Heat Wave (album)

Heat Wave (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All winter long I yearn for Summer.  Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of Summer as Nat King Cole once declared..  At a time in my life that hit song was my mantra. I couldn’t wait for the months when you discarded sweaters, coats, gloves, tossing them aside for sleeveless blouses, and daring short shorts.  We drove with the windows open, inhaling leaded gasoline fumes while on the way to the beach.  What fun.

Not so much today.  I’ve come to realize its not the blistering Summer moments I desire, but rather I rejoice at the birth of Spring.  Spring time with its fresh budding flowers.  The greening of grass; the mowing of a lawn causing the air to waif fragrant with the smell of watermelon.  That is what a fresh mown lawn always reminded me of, watermelon.

It’s true that I still do love Summer,on Long Island, New York.  What joy to bury your toes in the freshly raked sand of our beaches, and play chase along the ocean front with the incoming tide.  A season when it’s just warm enough to catch the scent of the ocean, even a mile inland.  An on shore breeze that dries the beads of sweat on your body leaving in its wake remnants of salt.  Salt from the air and salt from a healthy body. Going home after a day at the beach, showering, and feeling buffed by the elements.  Have you ever felt so clean?  Yes, these things still thrill me.

Unfortunately, there is not always time or the energy to race off to the beach when the temperature rises to ninety-two on the first day of Summer.  In fact, today, we are still two hours from the Summer solstice.  I arose this morning about ten and it was already over eighty degrees.  We are lucky that the old oak trees, surrounding the house, do take the edge off, but still ninety is hot!

I think of all the people I know that have moved South to avoid the New York Winters.  Of course they have some moderation of the natural heat of their new location, and I have heard often enough, when it’s too hot we just stay inside in air conditioning.  The reasoning is that we Northerners are stuck in the house in the Winter.  It’s a trade-off.  They don’t mind being confined to a house during their Summers.  No thanks!  As for me, I am just too non productive during the sizzle of a heat wave.  And I love being outdoors, rather than tethered to air conditioning. I just could not endure Summer all year round.  Right now the temperture has dropped to eight-seven degrees and the ocean breeze kicked in. It really is delightful.

The few days, each Summer, that roasts the North East, is enough to cure me of any urge I might ever entertain to pick up my life and move South. Winter here on the island is not debilitating.  A couple of snowfalls a year allow for days to cozy up by the fire-place, time to straighten out our clothes closets, and attempt a few new recipes. As soon as the snow melts, or the streets are plowed, its life as usual, only you need to be wearing a coat.  Perhaps that new coat I purchased at the end of last Winter.

So here I stay, suffering a heat wave and wishing for the refreshing winds of Autumn.  The season when I relish the crispy leaves beneath my feet, check out Women’s Day for the newest decorating ideas for the holiday table, and  preparing a Thanksgiving menu

Having reread this post I realize that I love New York and the changing of seasons.  I look forward to the advent of each, and I’m just about ready when they depart.  Tomorrow, on this the first full day of Summer, I will put on my bathing suit and not another thing.

Have you heard?  We’re having a heat wave.

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One response to “Having a Heat Wave!

  1. slavekatrina

    May 11, 2013 at 8:56 am

    I too cherish our Long Island beaches. I especially enjoy an early summer morning breakfast when the beach is not crowded, the sun is warming, but not scorching and the thunder of the crashing waves and the scavenging sea gulls are the melodies of the morning. A stroll at the waters edge at sunset might be the only thing to rival it.


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