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I’ll See You In My Dreams

Dreaming #art #photoStudio

Dreaming #art #photoStudio (Photo credit: sand625)

There are a variety of influences that form our dreams and nightmares.  The stress of the day, anticipation of a coming event, or a conglamaration of hundreds of things we see, hear, smell.  These are a few of the stimulants that create our night-time adventures. But what of day dreams?

I find myself staring into space while my thoughts move from one place to another via a series of links that only assist my leap-frogging from one journey to another, in immeasurable time.  One of the catalysts that spring me into these adventures, is music.  Like Alice stepping through the Looking Glass, I am lost.

Listening to and playing with my collection of music is one of my favorite past times.  Recently, I purchased a new laptop.  Any who have done this know that it is an entire project to move your music back into Itunes and once again into your iPod.  For some this presents no problem, but if all of your music was not acquired in the traditional manner, it’s a real big deal to get it back where you want it (on your iPod) for your enjoyment.

This is exactly what I have been going about the past month or so.  Since much of my music is not titled but rather called track 1, 2, 30 etc.  I must play each track in order to finally give it its correct name and then move each song to the proper playlist.  While doing this, I have been listening to songs that I haven’t heard in quite some time.

My taste in music runs the gamut from tracks of my youth by RoseMary Clooney and Hernando’s Hideaway(Favorites of my Mother and Father) to the hard thumping sound of today’s Adele.  I love all these sounds marking the decades from the fifties until today and everything in between.  Of course I have favorite eras but there is something that can make me dance or turn on my day dreams in each of those sixty somewhat years.

In the Still of the Night brings me back to those greaser times growing up in East Harlem.  Mommio, Daddio this is Jocko – one of my favorite DJs.  There was a time when 1010 WINS was a Rock N Roll Station.  I can recall every stage of life and be with those I knew and grew up with.  Other tunes remind me of my children as babies, toddlers and teens. Life events once again are made anew, and I get to be with my sister, who has preceded me to the other side of the veil.

So if you come upon me wool gathering, as they use to describe day dreaming, and there is somewhat of a vacant smile on my face, don’t think I’ve lost my mind.  Rather I am visiting with years gone, by way of my Music.  Just maybe I’ll see you in my dreams.

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We All Scream for Ice Cream

English: This is a picture of spumoni ice crea...

English: This is a picture of spumoni ice cream that contains chocolate, rum, and pistachio flavours. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a few things in life that almost everyone can agree upon.  One of those universal pleasures is ice cream.  For the moment, dismiss allergies and lactose intolerance,  disregard the calories, and the swim suit you want to strut in, and bring to the fore the pure pleasure of that cold, creamy, treat.

It doesn’t matter what your religion, race, or creed.  Ages from six months to a hundred and six years can indulge in its pleasure.  What better way to eat fruit than on top of a bowl of ice cream?  For that matter, you can also imbibe a sweet liquor by drizzling it over a vanilla treat.  A touch of Kahula or Chambord cause one to lick their lips with pure hedonistic delight.

Ice cream rarely fails to make you smile.  Can you even imagine a bad guy harassing you while they were busy licking an ice cream cone?  Have you witnessed the most conservative adult trying to catch a drip of chocolate with their tongue as it runs from cone, to hand, to wrist, and finally to elbow?  Not only have I witnessed it, I’ve done it.  Not the least bit ashamed of that.  I really like ice cream.

Before I became so concerned about weight, and health, I ate a lot of ice cream.  I can recall going to Howard Johnson’s for banana splits.  Three flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry on a whole banana, topped with whipped cream, nuts, chocolate fudge, and three cherries.  This concoction was about 3000 calories, and I ate it all up.

The Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn was like going to the Waldorf when I was a newly wed.  Who even noticed the sticky tables, or the leaded gasoline fumes as you sat on the sidewalk near the El digging into a massive Ice Cream Float.  I’m salivating as I type.

All this brings to mind visiting an old aunt living in Staten Island.  I was a child at the time and her home was really a trek from Manhattan. We didn’t have a car and relied on her son-in-law to pick us up.  The aunt, that is what everyone called her, was all of four feet two inches, with cotton spun, white hair piled in a bun on top her head.  She lived with her daughter’s family.  This tiny woman was my Grandmother‘s aunt and the one who first housed my Grandfather and Grandmother when they arrived from Italy.

During this visit I found her fascinating, I was about ten at the time.  The aunt, spoke very little, she never did learn English and since my father didn’t speak Italian, he was Greek, she was shy with him.  But when he ventured out to return with gallons of ice cream, she was delighted.  The aunt became more animated than I had ever seen her.  For perhaps the first time, I got to see the incredible effect of that yummy substance.

What brings to mind these memories of ice cream?  I just heard the Mr. Softie Truck jingle.  Gotta go now and have a decadent bowl of Neapolitan Spumoni.  Feeling blue?  Get yourself some Ice Cream.  “I scream, you scream, We all scream for ice cream!


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Picnic In The Park

Picnic Basket

Picnic Basket (Photo credit: Paul and Christa)

I was never one to look forward to a picnic in the park.  When it was first brought up a few years ago by members of a social club, which I belong to, I had to first be convinced it was a good idea before going along reluctantly.

You might wonder, why would anyone object to a picnic in the park?  Isn’t that something that most enjoy, and would be thrilled to have a group to spend a lazy afternoon with?  Hollywood even made a movie titled Picnic with Kim Novak and William Holden.  I can see the reasoning, but it is flawed.

The lazy afternoon is preceded by shopping, cooking, getting ice, finding the cooler, packing the cooler, remembering all the condiments, (there is no on site deli), unearthing beach chairs, packing the car, programing the GPS (which directs you to the wrong place), and getting lost.

After discovering the right parking field, you can unload the car and search out your group.    Once there, some dedicated souls light and stoke the rusty, barbecue pit. This park pit has been cleansed only by the last rain and burned off lighter fluid, after being used by every single park goer since the opening of the state park many years ago.  Eisenhower was probably President.

As soon as you open your chairs after testing several spots for flat ground, you must eat, as you’ve skipped breakfast and lunch because you were going to a picnic and now your stomach is growling so loud it sounds like bears have found their way down from upper New York State.  Gotta stem the noise quickly or you can clear out the park of all the other 2000 picnickers.

You’ve eaten, your covered with delicious but gooey sauces, so you must make a trek to the public toilets in order to wash before the bugs, beetles, spiders and other crawly, flying, things make a picnic of you.

Perhaps I exaggerate just a little bit.  Did I forget to mention how generous everyone is with their delicious ribs, burgers, chops, hotdogs, chicken, corn and pasta salads.  How refreshing was the cold ham and watermelon.  Pie, cookies and smores to keep your waistline up and fully packed.  Of course there was the smiles, laughs and good company of old-time friends and some brand new ones, who we will see at other of our gatherings just because of the welcome and warmth of all the people who attended this picnic in the park.

It seems to me that the clean up of our area and the repacking of the car went so much easier because of the many friendly, helpful, hands and choruses of, “you liked my salad so much, why don’t you take some home.”  Like any good picnickers we left our designated area litter free so it could be used the following day by other happy campers.

After weighing the pros and cons, just maybe I can be talked into going again next year.  Do you think I might see you there?


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Fashion and Style – A Matter of Opinion

Fashion Circus

Fashion Circus (Photo credit: Paolo Neoz)

There has always been a difference between Fashion and Style.  I don’t claim to know a great deal about either, but there are some observations I’ve made over time.  Fashion and the need to keep up with it has never been my Style.

Once in a while a designer hits upon something that is appealing to me.  Not that I don’t appreciate the creative outfits and statements that these artists offer.  I enjoy them in the same way I might appreciate art in all its forms.  From Dogs sitting around a card table playing poker to September Morn hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Yes, I can enjoy it and appreciate it, but neither is for me.  One I find tacky, the other too big for my living room wall.

What looks attractive and startling on an ematiated, doll faced model, would be ridiculous on ninety percent of healthy American women.  In any case, it takes a great deal of money to keep up with  Chanel, Versace, Wang, or any of the dozen or so names that top the list of genuis in the fashion industry.

Style on the other hand is something you can make your own.  Choose the color of the season.  You’ll easily identify it by statements like, “Red is the new Black”, or perhaps in the fall of 2012, “Shades of Gray” will be the hottest fall thing.  You can find items that you feel beautiful and comfortable wearing in your own price range, and still maintain your own flair.  Or accessorize in bold, hot prints that you would never wear all over your body, but is great in a scarf.

For myself, I love long dresses and skirts whether they are in vogue or not.  Flowing or curve hugging in soft material allows me to stride into a room with complete confidence.  Nothing tailored for me, not my thing.  Keep your ruffles and tiny prints as well.  Remember Laura Ashley?  Who were these dresses made for?  Although, I’ll admit to purchasing Laura Ashley sheets some years back.  It was in a moment of madness.  Maybe the brief ten minutes when I felt the need to conform.  Have no fear, it passed so quickly.

Fashion is a lovely thing.  Nice to look at,  perfect to snatch ideas in order to enhance your own Style.  Do what makes you unique.  I have found that Style develops over the years and makes it fun to dress as you.  Perhaps not everyone will like your idea of what’s appropriate all the time, but invariably someone else will admonish the naysayer with one quick comment.  “Its her Style.”

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Gimme a Beer!

English: American und Tchech Budweiser in Tray

English: American und Tchech Budweiser in Tray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, being July 3rd, I was running around the kitchen, up to my elbows in potato peels and egg-shells; boiling salted water, slicing onions, chopping zucchini, and cleaning shrimps.  If doesn’t take a genius to realize that in less than eight hours the 4th of July  will arrive.  Usually arriving with it, hot, humid and noisy.

It really isn’t the least bit necessary that I cook this much.  Besides Jim and I we have invited only three guests.  That fact doesn’t matter in the least.  It’s a holiday, but it won’t register, or be official, unless I cook my brains out.  Truthfully, I love it.  Reminds me of times and people passed. Big family parties and ridiculous, over the top, behavior.

Today, I was put to mind of something else.  Just when I took the last item out of the oven my energy level crashed.  I was thirsty, and it was time to sit down.  I grabbed a frigid, Corona Extra, no lime, poured it in a glass and plunked myself in a kitchen chair. I rarely drink beer.  Not a tea toteler by any means, but beer is not my beverage of choice.  However, there are those moments when nothing else is so cold, refreshing, or tastes so good.

Barely had the first swallow eased its way down my throat when I had one of those flashbacks that cause me to write these slices of my life.

It was about thirty-five years ago.  A warm summer day, much like today.  The kids were all out with Jim and I took the opportunity to give the house a tip to toe scrubbing.  That done, I mowed the lawn and moved a couple of bushes.  I don’t care how young you are, a day like that will kill you.  With the last bit of energy left in my body I dragged myself to the refrigerator, popped open a Bud and went to sit on my front porch.  Reminiscent of a city life I had left behind, and when Budwiser was the cool beer to drink.

I live at the end of a small dead-end street and didn’t expect a soul to come marching down the bumpy gravel road.  Right, I was Wrong.  Not two minutes had gone by when two ladies, PTA mothers in one of the kid’s classes, came strolling down the street and right up my driveway. They were all fresh looking and proper.  I swear, although it was improbable, my embarrassed mind envisioned white gloves and pill-box hats.  They took in my bedraggled appearance, and the can of Budweiser, with one quick, judgemental glance.

“How nice to be able to sit and have a beer in the middle of the day!”

I was busted.  It would be all over the community within the hour.  No use explaining.  The upside was I had never been a PTA kind of gal.  Now I wouldn’t need to make excuses not to be drafted into volunteering.  Still today I laugh on how I had skated on that.

Happy Birthday America and A Safe Fourth of July to All!

English: Downtown Miami on July 4, 2007

English: Downtown Miami on July 4, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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