I knew some of Nikola Tesla and his genius, but had no idea how far reaching this man was. Apart from his inventions and wisdom his take on women was dead on. I am pleased to reblog Romancing the Bee by Deborah DeLong regarding this man.

Romancing the Bee

Nikola Tesla was a true genius: Not only did he invent that coil and alternating-current electricity (which you’re probably using right now to read this), but he also researched death rays, time-travel, and peering at memories stored inside the human brain.

He also propounded a fascinating theory that women would become the rulers of the future like “Queen Bees”.

Tesla worked for Thomas Edison and was promised a huge bonus if he redesigned his electric motors and generators. He did so, and gave Edison several patents as an employee, but Edison never paid out. Tesla quit and developed the more efficient “alternating current” that opposed Edison’s “direct current” and eventually became the standard electrical current that we still use today.

He was one of the first people to work with x-rays, and he invented an “X-Ray Gun” that you could use to fire x-ray beams at someone with, and…

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