The Haunting of Halloween

09 Oct


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few days ago the weather did not yet have that Autumn chill in the air.  I wasn’t driven to drag out the cauldron  in order to conjour up  chowders, soups, or hearty stews.  The thought of a sweater and full length pants was still a couple of weeks away.  I was perfectly content and did not feel the need to rummage in the back yard shed where I keep holiday decorations bought and used in seasons past.

Suddenly, while driving around the neighborhood, still donning shorts and tees, I saw smatterings of pumpkins and witches and tombstones. The signs of Goulds and Goblins began popping up. I assumed it was all those perky, pesky, people who are always a month ahead of the season.   Black cats  and flowing ghosts were shadowing behind windows of otherwise normal looking homes.  Scarecrows clung to fences.

I was determined to ignore it.  I clung on to the still warm days, although while annoyed at them, I was beginning to envy those forward-looking folks who got a jump on things.  Then it happened.  While picking the last hearty tomatoes off the now scrawny looking vine I heard sounds coming from the shed.  It was kind of like things being dragged or shifted.  Low gnawing or mumbling.  Perhaps wind through the old wood.  My shed is located conveniently close to the vegetable garden.  It could be mice I thought and sincerely hoped not.  Being the brave soul that I am I retrieved a shovel and threw open the doors of the shed.  Of course I would never smash a mouse with a shovel, but it would serve as a block while I ran yelling for Jim.  After flinging open the doors, I stepped inside and looked around.

Without warning a big green bag containing the Autumn wreath fell off the shelf and right  into my arms.  It was a bit creepy.  I have no idea why it would fall just at that instant, but since I had it in my hands I carried it to the front door and exchanged the tired Summer wreath for this colorful Orange, Gold & Rust one.  While I was at it I put in similar hued grasses and flowers in one of the outside pots.

I was then drawn back to the shed, pulled out the All Hallows Eve Box – pulled out pumpkins, bats, spiders, crows, candles, witch hatted frogs, jack o lanterns and two tall scare crows.  When I began this project it was a dreary day, while working the sun began shinning down on me.  Jim tied the two scare crows in place while I flew around the house decorating for Halloween.  I even baked a pumpkin pie and broom swept the porch.  How apropos to have a broom in my hand.

I never did find out what made that noise in the shed that drew my attention, however, now that all the decorating was done the temperature dropped and I’m so pleased I’m ready for the season.

Now sitting here typing my note to you I looked out the window and just noticed one of my scarecrows which Jim tied facing South is now facing West. Its crazy grin looks a little broader.  Again I wonder, what called me into the shed!




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One response to “The Haunting of Halloween

  1. Gerry

    October 10, 2012 at 8:42 pm

    Very Cool!!!


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