Let it Go, Let it Go!

24 Jan

The Brown Thomas Department Store in Dublin - ...

The Brown Thomas Department Store in Dublin – 08/11/2009 – The Brasserie on the third floor! Beautiful service, good value and relaxing athmosphere! All agree, please! Well done! (Photo credit: || UggBoy♥UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||)

We recently were invited to a friend’s new home for a Holiday Party.  The invitation arrived from dear friends and we looked forward to spending the evening with them as well as the other guests.

As I had expected their new house was fabulous, warm, inviting, as are the couple.  Their new condo was freshly painted, and uncluttered.  Uncluttered being the definitive word.  It was a space you could breath in, stretch out your arms without knocking over a trinket, yet it still had personality and style.  A space that promoted a sense of ease and comfort.

Upon arriving home, to our own abode, I looked around with a critical eye.  Do we ever really see our own surroundings? Do we become too accustomed to the way things are?   Yep my house has plenty of personality, mine.  Perhaps a little too much of it.  What to do about this dilemma?

I always have a box on hand  filling it with my gently used items, clothing and household things that I no longer want.  Seems to me  after living in the same place for over forty years that box  just might not be a fast enough way to eliminate the unwanted or unnecessary.  I added another sweater to the box, stored the holiday decorations, and let the house cleansing notion slip away even though I was still not content.  My home was not where I wanted it to be at this stage in my life.  I was beginning to see why some people get to a time when they just pick up and move leaving their years of collecting behind.  Some move out-of-state, others just downsize to get away from the stuff and relocate onto the next street.

Fast forward two weeks.  My daughter, Crissy, came to visit.  I mentioned my desire to simplify the look of the house, even before painting or upgrading anything, I needed to discard at a quicker pace.  That’s when she told me about a book that someone had mentioned to her.  (Isn’t communication great) . We never got the title right, but the premise was to discard twenty-seven things a day.  Ok, I realize that sounds crazy but not if you think about your junk draws, everyone has them, your pantry, think about the items that haven’t been touched in five years, and the knick knacks you’ve kept just because your favorite aunt gave it to you ten years ago.  Do you really want to keep it on display?

That’s it, I went on a tear. Garbage, donate, give it to the kids.  While I haven’t kept up with the twenty-seven items a day regiment, I now do not pick up anything only to put it back down without thinking, do I really want to keep this, and if so, where?  I am hoping by Spring there will be a noticeable difference in the appearance of my home.  If nothing else my new hobby will benefit the Good Will Shoppers.

My newest Mantra — Let it Go!!


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