Senior Delinquent

01 May

Cannabis sativa plant

Cannabis sativa plant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a kid some teens were dubbed Juvenile Delinquents. By today’s standards most of those delinquents would not qualify for the JD tag. The troubled youth of time long gone didn’t kill each other, carry guns or commit felonies. The average teen, even in a tough neighborhood didn’t take drugs or mug old ladies.

Yes, there were gangs (most were urban myths), shop lifters (Woolworth’s five and dime) and underage drinking. There were some serious crimes, but the aforementioned constituted the bulk of the JD community.

What happened to these boys and girls? For the most part they grew up to be upstanding citizens, community advocates, and even worked in law enforcement.  Except for a veiled brashness no hint of their young life,  walking on the wild side, was evident through the children raising years.

Then suddenly you blink your eyes and standing in the place of that brazen, teen, that responsible,  tax paying, adult, is a slower, calmer, serious, senior. Except under all the layers of lessons, knocks, aches and pains beats the heart of that hell raising teenager.

To prove this ill give you a real life example. Note that the names have been changed to protect the alleged guilty party.

Sarah and Jon recently went to a big box store . It was early Spring and as is the custom the store is profuse with all kind of plants, huge evergreens and annuals. Some are balled ready for planting, others are arranged in multi annual pots.  All are an outstanding price.

Our couple had just made it to the checkout line when an exceptional planting in someone’s cart caught Jon’s eye. He left Sarah on the line, saying he would be right back, and went in search of the plant display.

Sarah loaded the conveyor belt and in the nick of time Jon appeared, face flushed and out of breath, with the most incredible plant. Geraniums, petunias, pansies and Vinca all in one pot.  It was the last item on the belt. The couple paid the bill and Jon hustled Sarah out of the store at a pace she had not seen him walk in quite some time.

They loaded the car,he almost throwing the things into the trunk, and peeled out of the parking lot.  When they got across the highway he confessed.

It seems there were no more of the lovely plants on the display. Apparently they had all been claimed. Disappointed, Jon was on the way back to check out when he spied one lone plant sitting on the bench by the pharmacy. What luck! He picked it up and  began to walk away when someone called from behind the pharmacy counter, “Hey you put that plant down.”  Someone must have rested the plant there and asked the pharmacist to keep an eye on it. That’s when it happened…

The delinquent emerged. Jon booked, attaining a speed even he didn’t even know he still had.  With arms wrapped around this weighty loot he raced to Sarah.

You can take a boy out of the Bronx but you can’t take the Bronx out of the boy!

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