The Women In My Life

08 May


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I am a person given to musing. What I ponder most often is triggered by a scent, a song, a picture. Of late I have been thinking about my Grandmother and my Mother, both who are long gone to the other side of the veil.  But the pain that is most acute is the loss of my kid sister, Christine.  Her passing was within the last few years. I imagine with Mother’s Day quick upon us and the soft breeze of Spring in the air it brings to me these nostalgic thoughts.

Only today I looked at the telephone with longing. How I wish I could pick it up, punch in her number to hear her voice reply with that silly hello when she realized it was me calling.  We spoke very often, especially in her last years when she was so sick.  Christine was one of the few people who ever lived that I could tell everything to.  We laughed, we cried, called each other names, and laughed again.  We had little in common and at times couldn’t stand one another, but how we loved each other.

My Mother and my Grandmother left me with many gifts.  A steel core, a talent for cooking, a capacity for great love, an itch to gamble, a sense of humor, and traits that some might not deem so desirable, dominant personality, a sharp tongue, and the ability to hold on to a grudge.  The last is often to my detriment.  I so miss their unconditional love.  They, with my sister, were my gang, my back up when I needed some.  The people who are your true fans and revel in your successes.

Yes, these three incredible women have left me, but I am not alone.

There are some blessings that you just need to grow yourself, and I did myself a solid.  I have two of the most incredible women there for me, at this time in my life.  Two of the most beautiful, talented, loving, and kind daughters that anyone could hope for.  Each shines with her own abilities and sense of humor.  Both are above average Mothers, caring and nurturing their children, way beyond the call of duty.  Both have busy lives, but always take the time to call me.  Chat, chat, chat, what fun.  Fashion, art, decorating, gossip, health and of course children.  We can make each other laugh and also be mad, but mad never lasts very long.  I am proud that I am always available to hear their joys and woes, and sometimes give a piece of advice.  Oh how we love each other.

Yes, I still have incredible women in my life, and don’t get me started on my terrific friends who are there for me should I call.

My loving husband, unsurpassed son-in-laws and male friends will get their kudos another day.

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