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Fifty-Nine – Plus

GE DIGITAL CAMERANot too long ago I was speaking with a friend about his job. Joey is a forty something guy who had recently finished school with the hope of entering a different field of employment. Like most newcomers the pay scale was at the low-end, but he was confident it would grow in a reasonable amount of time. He confided in me, until that time, in order to supplement his income, he had been doing online surveys and was receiving checks for his effort.

This information struck that busy bell in my head that was always ready to alert me to an opportunity for making a couple of bucks.

I could do this too! I have the tools and the time and no shortage of opinion about everything under the sun. As is my wont, I searched out the websites the very next day and began filling out applications. Sure enough the invitations for surveys began to flow.

But WAIT there’s more.

Before you can take each survey you must answer some questions about yourself, sex, homeowner or not, range of income, primary shopper, children in the home, AGE group, etc.

Of course I replied honestly to all the questions. What good is a survey if you’re not telling the truth? Shortly, a pattern emerged. Emails to me with the same prominent statement.
“Thank you, but you do not fit the control group’s profile.”

Well, I may not walk quite as fast as I use to, but my gray matter still fizzes, clicks and percolates at top speed. After three or four of these notices, I got the message.

Your opinion is irrelevant. You checked 59 +. No one cares what you think.

Wow, talk about being hit with a bucket of cold water. Discarded like a pair of paint stained cargo pants. Damn!!!

Sure, I was insulted, but it also didn’t make a whole lot of sense. 59 + still own homes, have more expendable income, shop like crazy, use detergent, shampoo, beauty products, renovate their homes, go out to dinner, buy cars, spray fabreeze, go grocery shopping.

We have pets, go on vacations, watch movies, change diapers, buy toys, drink booze, and know a hell more about medication than our younger counter parts. And we vote! I could on, but I won’t. You get the idea.

So when did I become irrelevant? I believe what I think matters. Perhaps
some power that be should rethink their Control Groups as it is just a blink of an eye before they are checking 59 +.

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