A sock a shoe

It is some forty years ago when the extremely controversial show, ‘All in the Family’, first hit the television airwaves.  We watched it on our black and white sets and couldn’t wait to hear the pearls of wisdom that would drop from Archie’s, Cimagearroll O’Connor, mouth each and every week.  He was bigotry at its infamous best.

Perhaps it was the first time that America threw open the windows and allowed a peek into the mind of the passing generation.  Archie said things aloud that many people secretly harbored in their hearts.  It was shock TV and we ate it up.

For years Rob, Archie’s liberal son-in-law played by Rob Reiner, was the recipient of his father-in-laws confused, mean, wrong, and half-baked outbursts.  Debates that would ensue were priceless.  One that stuck with me and I think about each and every day was a Sock a sock, a shoe a shoe.

Archie became outraged when he discovered that when dressing Rob would put a sock and a shoe on one foot, then complete by doing the same on the other, rather than sock sock, shoe shoe.  He shouted all the reasons Rob was a meathead for doing it his crazy way.  One reason being, if you had to rush out of the house suddenly wearing only one sock and one shoe it would necessitate having to hop around in the snow.  Of course it would be snowing.

This scene has stuck with me all these years.  Just the other day I rebelliously donned a sock and a shoe and intentionally hopped around the bedroom for a minute.  Then I got nervous that it might snow.

I would be remiss if I did not give a nod to the great Edith, Jean Stapleton, and Gloria, Sally Struthers, who completed the genius casting.

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The Purge

imageEvery New Year I resolve to purge the files in my home office.  I have at least 500 pentaflex hangers, but apparently I don’t sub divide enough.  All pertinent household purchases are stuffed into two or three files.  Insurance of every kind is bulked together in one.  No matter if its health, car, house, or appliance.  Have you any idea how much paper is generated by insurance?  Premium notices, amendments to polices, polices themselves, invitations to upgrade or trade in, all stuffed into one file.

Oh, recipes are awarded about five file folders, however they are in four different cabinets with no rhyme or reason what is contained where.  I wonder why I keep all these random recipes since I have about thirty cook books and look up most new recipes online.

I keep a folder for the special occasion cards I have received over some forty years, and feel ungrateful if I discard even one, especially if they were designed and handcrafted by one of my beautiful grandchildren.  And tell me how does one tear up Birthday, Anniversary, and Valentine Day cards from your spouse?  It took me the first ten years of our marriage to convince him that receiving these cards was very important to me and if I didn’t get one, on the day of my special event, there would be all hell to pay.

Yes, tis the season to purge.  I began today.  I threw out the warranty of the refrigerator that was replaced six years ago.  Aw well, tomorrow is another day.

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Baby it’s Cold Outside

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Most of the United States is experiencing a deep freeze. In New York we are seeing and feeling some of the PARKBENCHcoldest weather in twenty years.

My moods run the gamut from elated to grumpy, solely weather related.

I’m happy to be inside away from the ice and snow (parts of the Midwest were 9 degrees colder than Siberia today). The cold makes me indoor productive. Cooking soups, stews, chowders, roasts, and the purging of drawers, bookcases, closets, medicine cabinets. It seems I’ve had pills stored away since 1998. I clean and scrub more in the Winter, and go around smelling things. I have a dread fear of houseatosis. Generally, I’m more creative and ambitious when the temperature plunges. Did I mention I love to cuddle with a book, blanket, hubby and puppy in a cozy home.

What makes me grumpy is the fear of slipping on the ice during the short time I am outside. The nuisance of having to don shoes, coat and sometimes hat just to get the mail. Leaving the paper on the driveway because it’s too much of a pain to retrieve it. I can’t train my chihuahua to get it, the newspaper weighs more than he does. And the chill that sets in when I slip out to the patio in order to snip the still growing parsley for those bubbling meals, boy I really don’t like to shiver. What also makes me growl is the occasional bouts of cabin fever. I want to run down the block with the wind in my hair, even though I haven’t run for anything since June, 2000.

It’s January 6th, 2014 and we have about four months before once again. storing Winter coats. By then I will be super literate, have a sparse medicine cabinet, and a sterile home. I might be a few pounds heavy from the Winter weather fare, but it will be warm enough to go clothes shopping. For now I will engage in superior couch cuddling. You should do the same.

Baby it’s cold outside!

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A Heartfelt Smile

HappyEnglish: Chihuahua puppies

Cover of "Kittens (Complete Pet Owner's M...

Puppies, Kittens, Babies all make us smile each in their own way. Why is it the diminutive creatures fill us with that feel good glow? They really can’t do anything physically for us. Not one would qualify as an assistant to help with the everyday rigors of life.

I’ve never seen a puppy rake leaves, a kitten cook dinner, or the baby pay the bills. What madness would ensue should we permit it. The puppy rolling and prancing in the leaves, scattering them all about. The raspy pink tongue of the kitten lapping delicately at cream in the cooking pot. And the baby cooing as she shreds the electric bill, grasping it with a chubby hand, stuffs it, return envelope and all, Into her rosebud mouth.  No power tomorrow!

Nope you don’t get that warm, fuzzy, feeling because of what they can do for you, but rather because we are needed by them and they are so cute. The little beings, brimming with new life, look to us for their every need. They trust the trust of the very young and innocent and we, the adults in their life, are their heroes. Not caped or with super powers, but heroes none the less.  We take care of them and it makes us feel great.

No matter if your clothes are not fashionable, or your hair uncombed, the baby hugs and suffers the hundreds of kisses you slobber all over her face. The puppy worships you day in and day out, even if you forget to bend down and pat him on the head when you come home from work. And the kitten, well the kitten allows you to live with him.

Feeling blue? You cannot stay that way when witnessing a puppy playing chase in the mirror, the kitten tangled in a pink ball of yarn, or especially the baby wrapping their entire hand around your index finger. All an incredible  and unparalleled manifestation of love.

If you are lucky enough to live with or visit a baby,puppy, or kitten, I guarantee that you will not be able to suppress a much-needed heartfelt smile.

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The Myth of Predictability

Monkey wrench

Monkey wrench (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each moment leads into an hour. Hours stack into days, and those days into years. One thing I’ve come to learn over these flowing years is the predictable really doesn’t exist.

Sure we can make plots and plans, draw blueprints and save our pennies toward a perceived goal, but more often than not life throws the proverbial monkey wrench into the machinations of our works.

Have you ever made detailed plans that worked out exactly as you had planned for?  I am not speaking about dinner dates, or going away for the weekend, but rather long-term goals.  Something that is really a great idea in 2012 may not look so good in 2013.  Finances, Health, Opinions, change.  Responsibilities pull us in another direction.  How can we predict what the outcome of the Lottery might be?  Does a person with a $35,000 annual income want the same vacation as a multi million dollar winner?

A new baby or the death of a close family member changes the priorities of life.  Nothing is status quo or would we want it to be?  How boring life would be.

We could attempt to predict what someone’s reaction will be to any particular piece of news, but how often are we right?  Human beings by their very nature are unpredictable.  Perhaps you would expect that telling someone about a coming trip would make them happy, instead they pitch a fit.  Wrong date, time, or destination.  How could you ever have predicted that a surprise trip would make someone unhappy?

I could go on and on about the outcome of circumstances being unpredictable, but dear reader I predict that you are smart enough to get where I am going.

In my opinion there is no such thing as predictability!


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Not Glass Slippers

Pair of crystal glass slippers made by Darting...

Pair of crystal glass slippers made by Dartington Crystal, on show in the Council House, Plymouth Civic Centre. Presented to the City Of Plymouth by the Plymouth Committee of the British Olympic Appeal and Mr & Mrs M. Hockin to mark the occasion of Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal attending the British Olympic Appeal Gala Ball on 15 July 1988. Description taken from Glass slippers labelled (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like most women and some men I have a love of shoes.  I feel the need to be more specific. I’m not wild about sneakers, tennis, running,  walking, canvas shoes, but rather those that I qualify as a shoe, slipper or boot.  Something with structure made of leather or suede.  Flat, mid or high heel.   My most recent passion involves wedge soles.  From moderate to extreme. I like when the wedge is covered in the same material as the top of the shoe, or that fun flirty cork look.   Esperdrils, put a spring in my step and a Carmen Miranda wiggle.  Some of my readers will need to search just exactly who Carmen Miranda was.

For the most part I purchase shoes seasonally unless Payless sends one of their wicked text notices to my cell phone.  Who can resist a thirty percent off sale?   I almost drool over super high spikes, held on to a foot by the thinnest of straps, but it’s been a long time since I have even attempted to teeter around on that sexy style. Today, I’d have better luck balancing on a skate board.

Now that I’ve mentioned almost all the footware I happily embrace I’ll get back to the intention of this rambling discourse, the glass slipper.

Why in the world would The Fairy Godmother fit Cinderella with glass slippers for a ball?  They really weren’t slippers but rather high heels. You can’t dance in them as they have no bend.  She knew that time was of the essence, and one cannot rush around in a delicate glass shoe.  Glass against marble can’t possibly give the traction necessary for speed.  Just too slippery.  Because they are so stiff the improbable shoes don’t mold to your feet, therefore when running down the stairs, from your Prince, it is inevitable that you’ll lose one or both shoes.  Lucky Cinderella didn’t fall down and crack her head.

We all know how Cinderella made out despite wearing those ill conceived Glass High Heels.  However, should my Fairy Godmother ever feel the need to dress me for a ball I would like a lovely pair of traditional heels, Not Glass Slippers, Please.

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Painted Toes

English: my toes

English: my toes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beautifully manicured and polished toe nails say something about the woman. They say she cares about herself and that no detail is too trivial. It’s not so difficult to keep your digits pretty. Toe nails grow much slower than fingernails. You can enjoy the chosen color a month-long before redoing them.

Winter or summer, I paint my toes. Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing socks or sandals, I like them done. For some reason it makes me happy to look down and have those bright piggys looking back at me. Sparkling tootsies dress up those peep toe shoes that scream femininity.
I don’t do my toes for anyone but myself. If my toes being painted pleases anyone else, then that is just an added benefit of having them done.
Some believe that the shade of polish on your toes and fingers should match. Others think that toes must be a darker hue. It’s all a matter of preference. As for me, it doesn’t matter at all as long as neither fingers or toes are chipped. Chipped Polish is a big no, no. You can pay for that pedi, do it yourself, or the best is having hubby, lover, or boyfriend pamper, massage and paint those chubby little buggers.

What has brought to mind all these toe thoughts? Isn’t it obvious? I’ve just had my toes painted a bright red and I’m wiggling them right now.

Have a double rainbow day, my friends!

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