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Easter Mystery

Easter Mystery

Why is it that I only permit myself the luxury of eating egg salad at Easter, or for a few days beyond Easter Sunday? I had it today and enjoyed it on a toasted roll.

Since I was about fifteen years old until present day I have performed the egg coloring ritual. That is every year except one when I decided it was silly since I had no children living at home. Truly, that year was a disaster. I felt incomplete, so much so that I never made that foolish mistake again. Not so easy to give up lifelong tradition. Besides no egg salad.

Sure, it doesn’t have to be Easter to make egg salad, but there is something special about that sandwich speckled with pretty pink, purple, teal, and emerald hues that enhances the culinary experience. Some may think the colors make it gross, but not so.  I love it!

There are a few rules that come along with my egg salad. You only eat it with close family. No unnecessary ingredients, ie celery, should not be added.The crunch could be mistaken for a shell, heaven forbid. If you are sitting across from someone, don’t look at their face while enjoying your fare. If they are not aware of the rules you are permitted to sit with your back to the table while indulging in your own sandwich. No drinking from an open glass while you have food in your mouth. And finally, never ever share a bite. I am certain that anyone who has been in the company of a sloppy egg salad eater will appreciate my rules.  Perhaps these rules should be in every egg carton from the month before the Holiday right up until the day.

I am pleased to have shared these words of wisdom with you all. Hope you have had a Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and your Spring is delicious.

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Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Soul

風鈴 Wind chimes, display in street in front of ...

風鈴 Wind chimes, display in street in front of shop, Nagano, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For me Winter is a time to pull back from outside activity. With traditional holidays behind me, shopping, decorating, rounds of parties and eating, January is welcomed and  I settle into a semi hibernation.  I do it well and could probably give bears some instruction on the art of hibernation.

At first it’s so great. Snuggling down into the couch, under the old crocheted blanket, steaming coffee resting on the end table at my side, cooking casseroles and hearty soups, this urban minded woman turns her suburban home into a cabin in the woods.
My cabin in the woods has HD TV and Internet.  All the creature comforts one could ask for.  Yes, I keep in touch with the outside world, but as the weeks go by my own company, opinions, and eccentricities become the norm. To some extent, this is ok.  But eventually without the stimulation of face to face friends and real-time adventures I become static and stale.  I long for Spring.

To remove that Houseatosis from my surroundings I wait for that first fifty degree day in order to turn down the heat, and throw open the windows, even for just a little while.  I want that promising  fresh wind to blow through the house and bring with it the promise of a new season.  It’s a joy to see the curtains sway and the wind chimes sing with each breeze.  It awakens me.

Just as I revel in the annual Spring ritual of cleaning up and out, the act reminds me to remove the cobwebs from my mind.  Seek out the dusky corners for petty grudges and dated ideas.  Review all the habits I developed during the long winter and toss away those that do not work in advancing the betterment of my life and loves.  Its time to reestablish those connections with all the people I call friends.  Stop waiting for a phone call and punch in their numbers on my own cell.

As I turn up my face to catch the March sun I feel not only the warmth, but the exuberance it bathes me in.  I want to greet the Spring with a smile and a bounce in my step.  I want to write, sing and do the Harlem Shake.  It really is time for rebirth of my Heart and Soul.

I need to wrap this up now and get about the elation of Spring Cleaning.

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I Believe

Looking northeast along Avenue C across 13th S...

Looking northeast along Avenue C across 13th Street at St Mary's Star of the Sea on a sunny Easter Sunday early afternoon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This, for most Christians, the most spiritual week of the calendar year, has me reflecting on God, Jesus, Easter, and my own  beliefs.

 Having been born and raised a Roman Catholic I know the traditional stories regarding The Last Supper, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  I learned the reason for, and the meaning of Palm Sunday, according to the teaching of the Catholic church.  It’s a great story.  All of this has to do with love as shown by Jesus for mankind.

Long ago I fell away from the rituals and traditions, like going to church on Sunday, novenas, reciting the rosary, etc.  All the rules and regulations.  I left these things behind for a variety of reasons, not the least being laziness, although there were and are many items in the doctrines that I just don’t agree with or believe.

I’ve always enjoyed keeping the religious holidays special.  Cooking certain dishes and special foods, shopping and decorating.  Setting aside those holidays and marking them with family and friends in some way, but it became more about the tree, gifts, the Easter bunny and the food.

Busy lives rarely allow us time to think about God or spirituality.  But when you are blessed with a quiet moment in time, and or length of years He seems to slip back into our lives.  In reflection, He was always there.  Look up into a blue sky on a cloudless day, feel the cleansing of a pounding rain, or the reminder of His power in a clap of thunder and a bolt of lightning.  How is  it when odds were against it, that the babies were born with all their parts, alive and healthy?  Are we just that lucky?

Which one of us doesn’t call on God when a love one is ill, or we are in pain?  Don’t we often take those extra moments to gather and fold  discarded items around the house, and still serviceable articles of clothing, to donate to those less fortunate?  Why do we do that?  Isn’t it so much easier to throw something in the trash as you come across it?  Perhaps our hearts have been touched by the hand of God, call Him what you will. Over the years I have walked into a church or synagogue and felt the vibration of thousands of good people who had worshiped within the walls of those beautiful buildings.

Every day in so many ways, we do things that are good.  Smile at a stranger, buy a $2.00 box of cookies for $4.00, from a child at the door, bent to pick up a dropped item for an elderly person, or a pregnant woman, hold a door, invite a lonely someone to dinner, or throw your change in that box by the cash register for a charity.  He shows Himself in us in so many ways.

How about when you are feeling sad or are missing loved ones, that have long since passed on, isn’t it the belief that they are in the hands of a loving God that eases our hearts and gives us comfort that we will see them once again?

Having ruminated on all these things I still don’t know what my beliefs are except they cannot be defined by any one religion.  Perhaps love and kindness sums it up.  None of us can go wrong if we practice those basic tenets.  Maybe throw in a healthy dose of gratitude for what we have in our lives.  It couldn’t hurt.  And no matter what you call Him/Her it’s wonderful to have that Supreme Being in our back pocket.

Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!  To you All


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