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Easter Mystery

Easter Mystery

Why is it that I only permit myself the luxury of eating egg salad at Easter, or for a few days beyond Easter Sunday? I had it today and enjoyed it on a toasted roll.

Since I was about fifteen years old until present day I have performed the egg coloring ritual. That is every year except one when I decided it was silly since I had no children living at home. Truly, that year was a disaster. I felt incomplete, so much so that I never made that foolish mistake again. Not so easy to give up lifelong tradition. Besides no egg salad.

Sure, it doesn’t have to be Easter to make egg salad, but there is something special about that sandwich speckled with pretty pink, purple, teal, and emerald hues that enhances the culinary experience. Some may think the colors make it gross, but not so.  I love it!

There are a few rules that come along with my egg salad. You only eat it with close family. No unnecessary ingredients, ie celery, should not be added.The crunch could be mistaken for a shell, heaven forbid. If you are sitting across from someone, don’t look at their face while enjoying your fare. If they are not aware of the rules you are permitted to sit with your back to the table while indulging in your own sandwich. No drinking from an open glass while you have food in your mouth. And finally, never ever share a bite. I am certain that anyone who has been in the company of a sloppy egg salad eater will appreciate my rules.  Perhaps these rules should be in every egg carton from the month before the Holiday right up until the day.

I am pleased to have shared these words of wisdom with you all. Hope you have had a Happy Easter, Happy Passover, and your Spring is delicious.

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Cousins – Where have they All Gone?

Grandma's Class

Grandma’s Class (Photo credit: Henthorn)

In times past cousins were a big part of my life.  My Mother had four sisters and one brother.  Five siblings make for lots of nieces and nephews which related to cousins for me.  A total of about eighteen first cousins.  We didn’t see all of these cousins at every family event, but the oldest of these interacted and kept in touch most of their adult life.

When Grandma was alive, and still cooking, there were traditional family events when we all got together. This was only a couple of times a year. In order to fit the crowd into Grandma’s five-room apartment Mom and Dad would disassemble Grandma’s bed, stand it up against the bedroom wall, and open the French doors from the Parlour into the Bedroom creating one larger room for the dining table.

While the adults talked their talk around that table, (no idea what they discussed so adamantly), we (cousins, my sister and I) would disappear into one of the small bedrooms and play.  While we were pretty young at the time we still split into factions.  The older girls, Catherine, Terry and Myself, would never let the littler kids play with us.  We took it so far as to insist someone take a picture of the three of us with our pocket books slung over our shoulders.  We begin posing for this picture at about three years old and continued to have the “pocket-book picture” taken until Catherine passed away several years ago. We always stood in the same order and  never allowed the younger kids to stand with us for this picture.  It was a not so subtle way of torturing them.  After Catherine left us Terry and I decided never to take the pocket-book picture again.  It just wouldn’t be the same

There was many busy, growing up, years when the cousins drifted apart.  Weddings, babies, surviving all took precedent.  When our own children were older we began to make it a point to get together for summer holidays.  A lot of fun and silliness went on at these events and the family link was reestablished.  But as time will, it took from us many of our loved ones and we realize how precious the moments we all spent together were.

On Saturday I went to a surprise Birthday Party thrown for my Cousin Camille and her Husband Mike.  She was one of the littler kids in those by gone days. Several of my first and second cousins were there and it was lovely.  We ate, laughed, sang, caught up on our separate lives, and reminisced about those who could no longer join us.

If I had it to do all over again, I would see my cousins more.


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The Women In My Life


Sculpture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a person given to musing. What I ponder most often is triggered by a scent, a song, a picture. Of late I have been thinking about my Grandmother and my Mother, both who are long gone to the other side of the veil.  But the pain that is most acute is the loss of my kid sister, Christine.  Her passing was within the last few years. I imagine with Mother’s Day quick upon us and the soft breeze of Spring in the air it brings to me these nostalgic thoughts.

Only today I looked at the telephone with longing. How I wish I could pick it up, punch in her number to hear her voice reply with that silly hello when she realized it was me calling.  We spoke very often, especially in her last years when she was so sick.  Christine was one of the few people who ever lived that I could tell everything to.  We laughed, we cried, called each other names, and laughed again.  We had little in common and at times couldn’t stand one another, but how we loved each other.

My Mother and my Grandmother left me with many gifts.  A steel core, a talent for cooking, a capacity for great love, an itch to gamble, a sense of humor, and traits that some might not deem so desirable, dominant personality, a sharp tongue, and the ability to hold on to a grudge.  The last is often to my detriment.  I so miss their unconditional love.  They, with my sister, were my gang, my back up when I needed some.  The people who are your true fans and revel in your successes.

Yes, these three incredible women have left me, but I am not alone.

There are some blessings that you just need to grow yourself, and I did myself a solid.  I have two of the most incredible women there for me, at this time in my life.  Two of the most beautiful, talented, loving, and kind daughters that anyone could hope for.  Each shines with her own abilities and sense of humor.  Both are above average Mothers, caring and nurturing their children, way beyond the call of duty.  Both have busy lives, but always take the time to call me.  Chat, chat, chat, what fun.  Fashion, art, decorating, gossip, health and of course children.  We can make each other laugh and also be mad, but mad never lasts very long.  I am proud that I am always available to hear their joys and woes, and sometimes give a piece of advice.  Oh how we love each other.

Yes, I still have incredible women in my life, and don’t get me started on my terrific friends who are there for me should I call.

My loving husband, unsurpassed son-in-laws and male friends will get their kudos another day.

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Some Things Never Change – Much


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As a child we so looked forward to seeing our cousins and friends. You didn’t think of it as such at the time, but this was your gang, your peers, and the people who loved doing the same things you loved to do, when you wanted to do it, or you bit them. If you were one of the tallest children in the gang they rarely bit you back.

The world of teenagers revolves around friends. They judge their own worth against the opinion of those young people they admire, often for the wrong reasons. Their nonconformist clothing morphs into a uniform which defines the decade its worn in. Never mind that hip huggers on some turn other girls into muffin tops. If it’s the dress code of the hour, you squeeze your butt into them. Piercings, face tattoos, and safety pins pushed through the eye lids look so right when you are sixteen through twenty-one. Then you look for a job. Friends during these fragile years lift up or devastate you with their words and actions. Criticisms are harsh and reflect their own insecurities on you. But these are your homies. I am so glad not to be a teenager today.

Child rearing years push many friends into the low priority status. So much of our time is devoted to those darlings we’ve brought into the world, and whom we owe our undivided attention. Outside friendships are relegated to those people who are in the same stage of life as yourself. They need to be able to relate to diapers, school projects, drug worries, dances, driver permits, the need to discuss birth control, or they will be bored to death by the things that are such an important part of your current life. Married and single individuals hang out infrequently and those outings are often, “remember when”.

Ah, forty-five, fifty and so forth. The wonder years. Your gang now spans many years of age from perhaps forty to infinity and beyond, the phrase my friend buzz light year coined. No we don’t always like the same music, but we do love hanging out together with no need to be anyone but who we really are. While we may admire someone’s style, there is no pressure in taking it for our own. Truly non conformity. We can disagree and still call on each other to meet for dinner. Parties run the gamut from polite conversation and exchange of ideas to singing, dancing, loud fun exhanges. Taking real pleasure in our friends successes to the mingling of tears when they have sorrow.

Friends made during middle age and going forward are those where competition is a thing of the past. You would never tell a friend that they look good in an outfit when they don’t. They raise your spirits, and if a misunderstanding occurs, it’s not the end of the friendship. They show up at your door to straighten it out. When the gang does come over to play, they don’t look in the corners for dust, and best of all, I rarely have to bite them.

Yes, somethings never change, much. What has changed throughout the years is for the better. Love you my friends. May the wind always be at your back.

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Year’s End

Postcard celebrating New Year's Day, mailed De...

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It’s just after midnight on the twenty-ninth of December and I’ve been wondering what my final post of 2011 should be about.

I could do my year in review.  I’ve had four really scary health episodes all involving my immediate family, but rather than lament that potential horror, and what could have been, I want to Thank God and rejoice in our blessings.  They, all four of those loved ones, were taken care of, and if not yet back to living their lives as they should, are on the road to full recovery.  I can rest my head easily on the Heaven Sent pillow tonight.

There has also been much pleasure in my life this year.  I’ve successfully completed a mission I began two years ago.  It’s now in the hands of others who will do well. The love of writing and expressing who I am is being fulfilled as often as I wish by my discovery of WordPress and the act of blogging.  Health has improved.  My children are all in loving relationships, and I have the most beautiful, smart and talented grandchildren in the world.  That is not an exaggeration. 

I am continuously in touch with great people, in person, by phone, or on the internet.  Our lives are completed by terrific close friends who I learn from, and who in turn learn from me.  My husband and I continue to make each other laugh everyday (This is Priceless).  He and I have enough love between us that we can share it with others, and that very act continues to enhance our lives. Going to Atlantic City is often on my calendar. (Waiting for the big hit that will surely come some day.)

A multitude of post subjects are swirling through my mind.  What should I write about?  The ideas seem to want to jump from my brain, to my keyboard tapping fingers, only to appear on this screen.  But no. I will save them for 2012.

To All My Friends, Fans, Loved Ones – I wish you all a Grand and Happy New Year, Overflowing with Love, Life, Health and  Good Fortune.  When I raise my glass to toast the New Year, I will be embracing all of you.************


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