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The Sun On My Face


September (Photo credit: Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi)

We have just embarked on a NorthEast Autumn sailing quickly away from the waves of Summer.

I do love Summer in New York, but for some unaccustomed reason I found a few of the really hot days too much to bear.  True that every year, by March 31, I am looking forward to the days when we can meander outside in lightweight clothing, or bathing suit, and slip into the pool with care free abandon.   However,  it seems, before the bottle of sun tan lotion is completely used up September has arrived and I’m eager for  a change of pace and different activities.

Sitting in the sun is something I rarely do when the heat of Summer is upon us.  Too quickly beads of sweat form and it’s not comfortable to lie there and bake.  I can’t read in the blazing, white, light, nor see the screen on my iPad in order to write.  When outdoors time is spent pacing myself to work on flowers, and keeping cool.  Too quickly I am retiring to the shade of the screen room, and seeking out a chair beneath the fan.  Admittedly, I grow bored with the idyllic life.

Now the warmth has retreated giving way to a cool breeze blowing in through open windows.  Cool enough that I dressed in full length pants, and a long sleeve shirt.  About  two o’clock this afternoon I wandered outside to sit on a bench in the yard. The invigorating air had spurned a dormant ambition and having sated it, now it was time to rest. There was not a cloud in a the blue azure sky.  I turned up my face to catch the rays of a warm sun mixed with the gentle air.  It was really heaven on earth.  Deep breath and every care drifted away to be replaced by a smile inside and out.  Life is good.

If you haven’t done it yet this year, get out there and experience the wonderful sun on your face.  Even for a moment.  I promise you the day will be so much better.

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