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My Vampire Obsession

My Vampire Obsession

Since first viewing Dracula ala Bela Lugosi I have had a love affair with Vampires and the concept thereof.  I’ve read everything Anne Rice chronicled in addition to other noted writers.  I’ve watched almost every movie about the subject, although I must admit the twilight series did not fit into my vision.

True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and The Originals, reinforce my fantasies.  If you haven’t seen any of these I suggest you take a peek.  The Originals offers an authentic New Orleans flavor, one of my favorite cities after New York.

I am not enamoured with blood lust and the vicious attack of the jugular, but rather the thought of immortality, the end of aging, and the deterioration of our human bodies that comes with the process.  Wow, what I could do with a thirty-five year old body, and one hundred year old wisdom. Look out world, here I come. Think of the wealth that could be accumulated over centuries of existence, traveling the world, learning from every culture, knowing always when to make the right moves because you have learned the lessons of time.

Physical pain would be a non issue.  All senses would be enhanced.  Music could be enjoyed in a way that every musical strain would be heard purely, or as pure as your iPod will allow.  Colors seen without distortion, and flight, omg, imagine never to stand on another airport security line.  In a blink of an eye you would be from New York to Rome, and after shopping, another blink and back home again.

Of course, I am aware of the downside of Vampirism, outliving everyone you ever loved or ever knew.  That pain could never be erased.  However, since I believe in reincarnation, I will find them again over and over in their new lives.  The plus side is that since a Vampire never ages I could be there for my loved ones all through their mortal lives to help and love them at every turn.  Since mortal life is so fleeting it is reasonable to think that death is as well.

Yes, I have it all figured out except how to be turned into a Vampire.  When I learn that, I’ll blog it!



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Scary Movies

English: A screenshot from The Mummy Italiano:...

English: A screenshot from The Mummy Italiano: Uno screensht da La mummia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At one time in my life I loved to be frightened.  Books and movies with ghosts, evil spirits, poltergeist, devils, werewolves, witches, and of course Vampires, thrilled me. My heart raced and I loved when something jumped out of a closet causing me to scream my bloody head off. Boris Karloff as the mummy, wrapped in yards of what looked like toilet paper, dragging his foot with arms extended toward his long-lost queen, was a heart thumping moment.  It never gave me cause to wonder how any creature who moved so slowly was capable of traveling miles, such great distances, and was still able to capture and abscond with his lady-love.

Fear was the ultimate thrill. Different than the thrill of roller coasters and rides that dropped you from great heights, only to catch you just a few feet above where your body was destined to meet the bone crushing floor. The fear of bodily harm is quite understandable and very real.  But this fear can be easily controlled.  Just don’t go on those adrenalin pumping rides.  If it’s not your thing, don’t do it.  You have to pay to go on the tilt a whirl, don’t pay.

One might say, it’s the same for scary movies.  Don’t watch them and that is the end of that.  Oooh but I love some of them.

Now I am older and no longer watch any thing that depicts home invasions, kidnappings, anything where one’s safety and well-being is wrested from them by cold-blooded, insane, individuals, who commit horrible acts, just because the opportunity presents itself.  Movies where a happy family goes on vacation and stumbles into a pack of unconscionable madmen and women.  (The Hills Have Eyes).  These are not an exciting, happy, few moments, but ones that fill me with cold dread that such things can happen.  Mass shootings are another dramatization I don’t want to see.  If my heart needs a kick-start with true horror I’ll just watch the news.

Give me my hair-raising entertainment in the form of Ghosts, Goblins, Witches, and of course Vampires (I love Vampires,  Not for their taste for blood, but the thought of long life and not aging.  Who needs Oil of Olay?)  Give me fantasy is the form of Dinosaurs, Dragons and Cyclops, I can close my eyes when Godzilla is chomping on my fellow humans.

But keep man’s inhumanity to man off my screen.  It’s just too scary.


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