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A sock a shoe

It is some forty years ago when the extremely controversial show, ‘All in the Family’, first hit the television airwaves.  We watched it on our black and white sets and couldn’t wait to hear the pearls of wisdom that would drop from Archie’s, Cimagearroll O’Connor, mouth each and every week.  He was bigotry at its infamous best.

Perhaps it was the first time that America threw open the windows and allowed a peek into the mind of the passing generation.  Archie said things aloud that many people secretly harbored in their hearts.  It was shock TV and we ate it up.

For years Rob, Archie’s liberal son-in-law played by Rob Reiner, was the recipient of his father-in-laws confused, mean, wrong, and half-baked outbursts.  Debates that would ensue were priceless.  One that stuck with me and I think about each and every day was a Sock a sock, a shoe a shoe.

Archie became outraged when he discovered that when dressing Rob would put a sock and a shoe on one foot, then complete by doing the same on the other, rather than sock sock, shoe shoe.  He shouted all the reasons Rob was a meathead for doing it his crazy way.  One reason being, if you had to rush out of the house suddenly wearing only one sock and one shoe it would necessitate having to hop around in the snow.  Of course it would be snowing.

This scene has stuck with me all these years.  Just the other day I rebelliously donned a sock and a shoe and intentionally hopped around the bedroom for a minute.  Then I got nervous that it might snow.

I would be remiss if I did not give a nod to the great Edith, Jean Stapleton, and Gloria, Sally Struthers, who completed the genius casting.

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The Purge

imageEvery New Year I resolve to purge the files in my home office.  I have at least 500 pentaflex hangers, but apparently I don’t sub divide enough.  All pertinent household purchases are stuffed into two or three files.  Insurance of every kind is bulked together in one.  No matter if its health, car, house, or appliance.  Have you any idea how much paper is generated by insurance?  Premium notices, amendments to polices, polices themselves, invitations to upgrade or trade in, all stuffed into one file.

Oh, recipes are awarded about five file folders, however they are in four different cabinets with no rhyme or reason what is contained where.  I wonder why I keep all these random recipes since I have about thirty cook books and look up most new recipes online.

I keep a folder for the special occasion cards I have received over some forty years, and feel ungrateful if I discard even one, especially if they were designed and handcrafted by one of my beautiful grandchildren.  And tell me how does one tear up Birthday, Anniversary, and Valentine Day cards from your spouse?  It took me the first ten years of our marriage to convince him that receiving these cards was very important to me and if I didn’t get one, on the day of my special event, there would be all hell to pay.

Yes, tis the season to purge.  I began today.  I threw out the warranty of the refrigerator that was replaced six years ago.  Aw well, tomorrow is another day.

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Baby it’s Cold Outside

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Most of the United States is experiencing a deep freeze. In New York we are seeing and feeling some of the PARKBENCHcoldest weather in twenty years.

My moods run the gamut from elated to grumpy, solely weather related.

I’m happy to be inside away from the ice and snow (parts of the Midwest were 9 degrees colder than Siberia today). The cold makes me indoor productive. Cooking soups, stews, chowders, roasts, and the purging of drawers, bookcases, closets, medicine cabinets. It seems I’ve had pills stored away since 1998. I clean and scrub more in the Winter, and go around smelling things. I have a dread fear of houseatosis. Generally, I’m more creative and ambitious when the temperature plunges. Did I mention I love to cuddle with a book, blanket, hubby and puppy in a cozy home.

What makes me grumpy is the fear of slipping on the ice during the short time I am outside. The nuisance of having to don shoes, coat and sometimes hat just to get the mail. Leaving the paper on the driveway because it’s too much of a pain to retrieve it. I can’t train my chihuahua to get it, the newspaper weighs more than he does. And the chill that sets in when I slip out to the patio in order to snip the still growing parsley for those bubbling meals, boy I really don’t like to shiver. What also makes me growl is the occasional bouts of cabin fever. I want to run down the block with the wind in my hair, even though I haven’t run for anything since June, 2000.

It’s January 6th, 2014 and we have about four months before once again. storing Winter coats. By then I will be super literate, have a sparse medicine cabinet, and a sterile home. I might be a few pounds heavy from the Winter weather fare, but it will be warm enough to go clothes shopping. For now I will engage in superior couch cuddling. You should do the same.

Baby it’s cold outside!

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